18:29:29 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:29:46 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger bcg kenyon
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18:29:50 <sumpfralle> welcome!
18:31:27 <sumpfralle> everyone is sweating out there and trying to hide from the sun? :)
18:34:56 <TheSnide> hi
18:35:08 <sumpfralle> I am not alone anymore :)
18:35:15 <sumpfralle> #topic review of last week
18:35:23 <sumpfralle> What happened on your side of the planet?
18:35:44 <TheSnide> ... well temp is more bearable in Paris today
18:36:09 <sumpfralle> so it went here to northern Germany, I guess
18:36:35 <TheSnide> anyway, not much to say.
18:37:09 <sumpfralle> Then I will just share my small bits ...
18:37:16 <TheSnide> i tried to fix dmm0, but better wait for 2.999.9 deb
18:37:26 * sumpfralle is waiting for more :)
18:37:39 <sumpfralle> the 2.999.9 is there, now!
18:37:45 <sumpfralle> (I did that yesterday)
18:37:57 <TheSnide> \o/
18:38:16 <sumpfralle> the 2.999.9 is not official, yet - h01ger will need to review and upload it
18:38:39 <sumpfralle> it is just "my" state of 2.999.9 - but it should be quite close, I guess
18:38:47 <sumpfralle> 2.999.9-1 to be precise
18:39:03 <sumpfralle> I files some pull requests based on that experience.
18:39:09 <sumpfralle> Maybe you can take a look?
18:39:12 <sumpfralle> "I filed"
18:40:14 <TheSnide> could you generate it and put it on dmm0. to test...
18:40:24 <sumpfralle> yes, that is what I did
18:40:36 <sumpfralle> I was not precise in describing that state, I guess.
18:40:57 <TheSnide> oooooh indeed!
18:41:22 <sumpfralle> #info demo.munin-monitoring.org now runs the prospective packaging of the 2.999.9 release
18:41:50 <sumpfralle> #info plugin.munin-monitoring.org is now delivered by the demo host and reflects the current state of the plugin gallery code
18:42:51 <sumpfralle> More news: I think, I finished the Debian packaging for 2.0.39-1 (and 2.999.9-1) and handed these over to h01ger - he will take a look at these in the next days or so
18:43:03 <sumpfralle> that's it from my side
18:44:11 <TheSnide> i'll continue hacking, on the limits.
18:44:31 <sumpfralle> cool!
18:44:37 <TheSnide> ... and maybe some tests if i am bored enough ;)
18:44:45 <sumpfralle> And please take a look at my pull requests from yesterday somewhen :)
18:44:50 <sumpfralle> yeah!
18:45:00 <sumpfralle> ok - so let us enjoy ...
18:45:14 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting