18:32:32 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:32:42 <sumpfralle> here we are - our weekly IRC meetings starts
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18:33:30 <sumpfralle> who managed to sneaked away from nature to his/her keyboard?
18:33:36 <sumpfralle> "sneak"
18:40:22 <sumpfralle> so let us do a single-point-of-view review of the last week ...
18:40:50 * sumpfralle messed by accident with the real topic :(
18:41:20 <sumpfralle> #topic What happened last week?
18:42:01 <sumpfralle> I moved the services from the old demo host to the new one provided by be0rn (I forgot the name of the donating company).
18:42:18 <sumpfralle> Thus the plugin gallery and the demo are about to be served from the new host soon.
18:42:41 <sumpfralle> Just a bit of configuration (of the new VM) is missing. I will continue with that.
18:43:18 <sumpfralle> cgzone proposed a *lot* of cleanup and fixes for many plugins and the dev environment. Thank you!
18:43:35 <sumpfralle> Most of the things already landed in the new release 2.0.40.
18:44:22 <sumpfralle> The release is tagged and will surely be uploaded by TheSnide quite soon.
18:44:56 <sumpfralle> TheSnide was working on the master branch and plans to release the next beta release quite soon, I guess.
18:45:22 <sumpfralle> That's it from my side.
18:45:49 * sumpfralle is patiently waiting for cheers of the crowd, questions or comments ...
18:52:42 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle commented on issue #1000: I do not grasp the details (how the warnings emitted above interact with invalid plugin names), but it sounds like this pull request is not the right approach, thus we should close it? 02https://git.io/fNx4A
18:52:56 <sumpfralle> Have a good evening!
18:52:58 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting