18:28:50 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:29:08 <sumpfralle> It is Wednesday evening in Summer time again - welcome!
18:29:12 <sumpfralle> Who is around?
18:29:18 <cgzones> Me
18:29:21 <sumpfralle> cool!
18:29:46 <cgzones> anything interesting on the agenda?
18:29:58 <cgzones> #help
18:30:02 <sumpfralle> That depends also on you :)
18:30:20 <sumpfralle> #chair cgzones h01ger TheSnide be0rn chteuchteu
18:30:20 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide be0rn cgzones chteuchteu h01ger sumpfralle
18:30:32 <sumpfralle> Was "#help" a proper meetbot command?
18:31:19 <sumpfralle> ah - I see "add call for help to the agenda" - good!
18:31:51 <sumpfralle> Usually there is no specfic agenda - but more a review of the last week and maybe a quick discussion about things people are doing/interested in at the moment.
18:32:04 <cgzones> My mistake, i thought it would provide some help about how to use MeetBot
18:32:12 <sumpfralle> ha! :)
18:32:21 <sumpfralle> The docs say this is a common mistake :)
18:32:27 <sumpfralle> #topic Review of last week
18:32:30 <sumpfralle> What happened?
18:33:57 <cgzones> A lot :)
18:34:25 <sumpfralle> Please share it with us!
18:34:45 <cgzones> The perlcritic patches got merged
18:34:55 * sumpfralle likes that a lot
18:35:21 <cgzones> on stable some plugin fixes
18:36:23 <sumpfralle> Especially in the field auf autoconf - thus around the munin-node-configure, if I remember correctly?
18:36:25 <cgzones> and m-n-c shows now a full help message and reports more detailed why a plugin is not considered for activation
18:36:45 <cgzones> to late :)
18:36:57 <sumpfralle> :)
18:37:12 <sumpfralle> I looks like you are approaching the territory of getting used to the munin code and fixing things all along the way?
18:37:21 <sumpfralle> "It looks"
18:37:43 <cgzones> naw, not even close :D
18:37:59 <sumpfralle> From the distance it feels like :)
18:38:06 <sumpfralle> I hope, you enjoy the journey!
18:39:00 <cgzones> Yes, I like munin and it feels good to bring it forward
18:39:14 * sumpfralle cheers
18:39:57 <sumpfralle> I happy that I did not drain your patience with my reviews, yet :)
18:40:21 <cgzones> No, its better than blindy accept everything
18:40:50 <sumpfralle> Good - are in the same boat - fine!
18:41:37 <sumpfralle> My last week: I reworked the jenkins plugins (merged them together) and reviewed your flood of contributions.
18:41:48 <sumpfralle> Which was a pleasure.
18:42:22 <sumpfralle> I am happy, that TheSnide joined the review, too - since he has sometimes slightly different views and I do not plan to overrule him too much ...
18:42:23 <cgzones> You're welcome :)
18:42:53 <sumpfralle> #topic Next week?
18:43:02 <sumpfralle> Do you have any specific plans at the moment?
18:43:45 <cgzones> I have some things on my wishlist but not specifically for next week
18:44:25 <sumpfralle> Do you want to share your wishlist or better surprise us? (I do not mind)
18:44:49 <cgzones> I'd like get get some review on the format style proposal
18:45:04 <cgzones> see #1014 and #1045
18:45:37 <cgzones> Then I had some question in #1034, where some are already answered
18:45:41 <sumpfralle> yes, that would be good. I noted down the PRs #1035, #1044, #1045 and #1054 that could be pushed forward by a comment from TheSnide, if I remember correctly.
18:46:02 <sumpfralle> indeed - and #1014
18:46:32 <cgzones> also a comment on perlcritic severity 4 warnings would be nice, see #1051
18:46:37 <sumpfralle> I think, he felt slightly overwhelmed with the distraction of having to review other people's work instead of just having fun diving into the code :)
18:47:07 <sumpfralle> ah - yes, I meant that one instead of #1054 (not existing)
18:47:39 <sumpfralle> #help TheSnide - please comment on #1014, #1034, #1044, #1045, #1051
18:47:56 <sumpfralle> Let's see, how this will appear in the meeting minutes ...
18:48:22 <cgzones> and maybe too sweeping, but I'd like to ask what you think about enableing the paranoid mode by default (checking for sane plugin ownerships and permissions)
18:48:47 <sumpfralle> Next week I will probably discuss with be0rn, how we will finalize our move to the new VM donated by his company. It will run the plugin gallery and the demo host.
18:48:57 <cgzones> nice
18:49:06 <sumpfralle> Cleanup everywhere :)
18:49:41 <sumpfralle> And maybe h01ger will review my Debian packaging proposal next week, so that I can update it to the latest release.
18:49:56 <sumpfralle> We will see!
18:50:07 <sumpfralle> Do you have other topics?
18:50:26 <cgzones> no, i think everything on my list was mentioned
18:50:44 <sumpfralle> Great. So let us finish the meeting?
18:50:54 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: will surely show up later and comment a bit :)
18:51:03 <cgzones> btw. the new homepage looks great
18:51:20 <sumpfralle> chteuchteu will enjoy this comment :)
18:51:40 <sumpfralle> there are just a dozen of pages from the old trac instance to be moved/abandonend and the we can switch.
18:51:52 <sumpfralle> We better should, before the new design gets outdated :)
18:52:03 <cgzones> time moves fast..
18:52:12 <sumpfralle> and live and everything :)
18:52:17 <sumpfralle> "life"
18:52:24 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting