18:29:28 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:29:55 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu kenyon be0rn
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18:29:59 <sumpfralle> Welcome!
18:30:20 * h01ger is sadly not here. having a rather draining meeting #elsewhere
18:30:24 <h01ger> have fun!
18:30:26 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu kenyon be0rn christian
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18:30:29 <sumpfralle> same to you!
18:30:35 <christian> Hello!
18:31:21 <sumpfralle> So for now it is the two of us - let us start ...
18:31:27 <sumpfralle> #topic Review last week
18:31:33 <sumpfralle> :(
18:31:55 <sumpfralle> ah - misinterpreted - everything is fine
18:32:00 <sumpfralle> What happened last week?
18:33:19 <christian> Not that much I think
18:33:24 <sumpfralle> I was quite distracted by other things, so I do not really have anything to share.
18:33:32 <sumpfralle> ok - that was quick :)
18:33:42 <sumpfralle> Do we have other topics?
18:34:03 <TheSnide> hi
18:34:08 <sumpfralle> welcome!
18:34:19 <christian> the branch policies?
18:34:28 <sumpfralle> sounds good!
18:34:36 <sumpfralle> #topic Branch policies
18:35:14 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: what do you think?
18:35:22 <sumpfralle> (or anyone else)
18:35:40 <christian> so master is, i guess, bleeding edge munin 3.0 where all major changes are going?
18:36:06 <TheSnide> that is where i am, yes
18:36:14 <sumpfralle> This is my understanding with regards to the munin core - everything, but plugins.
18:36:24 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: would you also avoid plugin changes in 2.0?
18:37:22 <TheSnide> i would. unless it is worse.
18:38:03 <sumpfralle> So your preferred policy would be: only fixes for problems go into stable-2.0. Correct?
18:38:11 <TheSnide> i mean, if a user has a perfectly working setup. i dont see any incentive tobforce him having to change things
18:38:41 <TheSnide> if he wants nice and modern stuff, let him install master plugins
18:39:06 <TheSnide> ... like debian stable/unstable
18:39:21 <christian> is the policy about where to base patches (pr's) on still saying satble2.0 then?
18:39:25 <sumpfralle> In this case: Debian stable/experimental :)
18:39:27 <christian> *stable-2.0
18:39:47 <sumpfralle> christian: that was my intepretation of our current policy.
18:40:06 <sumpfralle> (but we/I can change that)
18:41:08 <sumpfralle> christian: what is your preference?
18:43:08 <christian> i like stable software, so i can understand TheSinde's argument
18:45:14 <christian> maybe if master becomes more reliable and finally get somewhen released there is not so much need to keep the 2.0 plugins up2date?
18:45:34 <sumpfralle> This would be nice, indeed :)
18:46:13 <sumpfralle> I can live with that, so from my point of view, we can stick to the "really stable - only fixes are allowed policy".
18:47:17 <christian> sounds reasonable
18:47:17 <sumpfralle> The stable-2.0 branch will turn into a quiet and slow one :)
18:47:45 <sumpfralle> Good!
18:48:12 <sumpfralle> christian: would you provide another changeset adding this policy to the HACKING doc?
18:48:48 <christian> yes, i'll do
18:48:53 <sumpfralle> cool!
18:49:04 <sumpfralle> next topic?
18:49:47 <christian> i have some administrative things on my list
18:50:09 <sumpfralle> good - please change the "#topic" :)
18:50:11 * TheSnide is focusing on pushing 3.0 out, so he's fine with whatever ;(
18:50:20 <sumpfralle> hehe :)
18:50:30 <christian> #topic administrative
18:50:31 <TheSnide> ;) oops
18:51:10 <christian> maybe zwiebelbot can be changed to link towards github issues not the old trac ones?
18:51:14 <christian> like #1000
18:51:26 <sumpfralle> yes, this would be nice!
18:51:48 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: is this a setting of the munin repository on github? Can you change it?
18:51:54 <sumpfralle> (I am not sure, if I can)
18:52:41 <christian> next: visiting guide.mm0.eu gives a default apache2 site, maybe it can redirect to somewhere?
18:52:53 <TheSnide> no its something debian did setup for us.
18:53:11 <TheSnide> g.mm0.eu ?
18:53:27 <sumpfralle> zwiebelbot: so we will ask h01ger?
18:53:40 <TheSnide> yep
18:53:58 <sumpfralle> ok - I will do so
18:54:08 <h01ger> i didnt do anything
18:54:10 <TheSnide> for mm0.eu i can handle it. just tell me which redirects to setup
18:54:27 <sumpfralle> btw: what is the purpose of this domain?
18:54:45 <TheSnide> h01ger: oh true,.. who was it ?
18:54:54 <h01ger> no idea
18:55:09 <TheSnide> sumpfralle: i got tired to type the full one
18:55:19 <sumpfralle> ha :)
18:55:23 <TheSnide> have to check logs
18:56:07 <christian> maybe either to guide.munin-monitoring.org or mm0.eu?
18:56:39 <sumpfralle> do you mean an exclusive or?
18:56:57 <christian> yes
18:57:40 <sumpfralle> In this case I would prefer simple redirects from the webserver.
18:58:00 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: if you change the DNS settings to point to our "new" demo server, I could set these up, there, if you like.
18:58:18 <christian> next: https://guide.munin-monitoring.org does not have a valid certificate, it is issued for "*.readthedocs.org, readthedocs.org"
18:58:28 * TheSnide has no preference
18:59:07 <sumpfralle> Redirects: I will prepare these on the demo host.
18:59:26 <sumpfralle> #task sumpfralle add redirects for *.mm0.eu to *.munin-monitoring.org
18:59:47 <sumpfralle> The certificate for readthedocs need to be configured there, or?
19:00:03 <sumpfralle> Or should we proxy-pass it? Would that be the proper approach?
19:01:17 <sumpfralle> #task sumpfralle will research the configuration of zwiebelbot for the issue URL
19:01:24 <christian> idk, perhaps we cant proxy the redhatdocs via https on the munin domain
19:01:56 <sumpfralle> I think, they could not stop us. But I am not sure, which would be the proper way.
19:03:27 <christian> ok, that's it for this topic from my side
19:03:50 <sumpfralle> #task sumpfralle research proper handling of certificates and readthedocs
19:04:12 <sumpfralle> #topic Open issues / merge requests
19:04:26 <sumpfralle> christian: do you have interesting ones, that you would like to see resolved?
19:04:36 <sumpfralle> (I did not look the them up, recently)
19:05:30 <christian> some :)
19:06:07 <sumpfralle> "some" -> "all of them"? :)
19:06:24 <christian> it depends
19:06:55 <christian> there is #1051 where i'd like to get some feedback about perlcritic severity 4 handling
19:07:47 <christian> #1060 and #1061 have the style changes dropped and might be ready?
19:09:00 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: maybe you want to comment on it? Your last response was a rejection, even though you seem to have appreciated the direction :)
19:09:33 <TheSnide> i'll comment on the pr
19:09:43 <sumpfralle> great
19:09:50 <christian> thanks
19:10:00 <sumpfralle> And I will go through the others and summarize their state in order to get them in or out :)
19:10:48 <christian> some input on #1064 whatrecommend pod headers to use (i'll update the branch policy soon)
19:11:43 <christian> that are the main ones from my side
19:12:05 <sumpfralle> ok
19:12:15 <sumpfralle> christian: do you currently have a specific direction in mind for working on munin? Or are you for now just getting familiar with the code and clean up, wherevery you see something worth to be fixed?
19:13:04 <christian> no specific direction, maybe pushing munin 3.0?
19:13:17 <sumpfralle> a good approach! :)
19:13:32 <christian> i like the new http server a lot and it's running ok so far
19:13:50 <sumpfralle> yes, this is indeed a very good change
19:14:18 <christian> getting familiar with the code takes some time, so i'll probably dig some things up
19:14:51 * sumpfralle likes that a lot
19:15:00 <christian> like the munin-check script; is anyone using it? should it be updated or can it be removed?
19:15:22 <sumpfralle> It feels like cruft to. Maybe the TheSnide has an opinion?
19:15:40 <sumpfralle> (code reduction is a good thing at the moment, I think)
19:16:44 <sumpfralle> And the "limits" handling is probably an open issue for 3.0, that is not on its way, yet.
19:17:06 <christian> yeah, but i did not look at that part of the code at all
19:17:52 <sumpfralle> The current one (still named "LimitsOld" for quite some time), is surely worth a rewrite, I think.
19:18:05 <christian> btw. i ran whois on zwiebelbot and it returns a mail address: weasel@debian.org, maybe a contact point?
19:18:07 <sumpfralle> It felt a bit too complicated, the last time I had a look.
19:18:31 <sumpfralle> sounds good - I will try this.
19:19:33 <sumpfralle> ok - maybe let us finish the official part of the meeting for now, if no one has more topics?
19:21:34 * christian has no more topics
19:22:02 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting