18:28:33 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:29:14 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu kenyon cgzones
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18:29:23 <h01ger> o/
18:29:24 <sumpfralle> Welcome to our weekly IRC meeting.
18:29:36 <sumpfralle> Who (else) is around?
18:29:41 * h01ger even has half a brain for this meeting today
18:29:54 <h01ger> and is still waiting for sumpfralle ;0
18:30:05 <sumpfralle> shame on me, sadly, yes :(
18:30:48 <h01ger> nah, nothing to shame here
18:31:50 <sumpfralle> but we really need to catch up with the epel/fedora packaging of bcg! :)
18:32:25 <h01ger> :)
18:32:36 <sumpfralle> As no one else seems to be around: let's discuss a bit about the Debian package.
18:32:42 <sumpfralle> You mentioned, I should not purge the user.
18:32:48 <h01ger> yup
18:32:58 <sumpfralle> Is this a common habit or just because the user could be used by other packages?
18:32:59 <h01ger> debian-policy
18:33:03 <sumpfralle> uh :(
18:33:13 <sumpfralle> I need to look that detail up.
18:33:14 <h01ger> debian-policy as in habit, maybe only
18:33:22 <h01ger> or as in will become policu
18:34:39 <sumpfralle> "user" is a bad word for searching through the policy :(
18:34:54 <sumpfralle> it seems to be all about users :)
18:35:04 <h01ger> #228692
18:38:04 <TheSnide> hi
18:38:50 <sumpfralle> OK - I will follow this path without removing users ...
18:38:53 <sumpfralle> Hi TheSnide!
18:39:14 <sumpfralle> Do we have some topics?
18:39:51 <TheSnide> not really anything from my side. got intense workload from $work
18:40:59 <sumpfralle> for me it was more the hobby of my wife that took all my time away from the good things ...
18:41:08 <sumpfralle> But it will get better, of course ...
18:41:48 <sumpfralle> hm - it sounds, like this could end up to be a quite short meeting :)
18:42:12 <TheSnide> changed hobby? changed wife? :p
18:42:27 <TheSnide> but yeah, short meeting.
18:42:30 <sumpfralle> hehe :)
18:42:46 <TheSnide> btw what is the status of deb^exp ?
18:42:57 <sumpfralle> waiting for me :(
18:42:58 <TheSnide> 2.999.10
18:43:04 <TheSnide> oh, ok
18:43:29 <TheSnide> lets relaese something and then make a -2 ?
18:43:45 <TheSnide> even if -1 has policy bugs ?
18:43:47 <sumpfralle> nah - give me till Friday. It will work.
18:43:52 <TheSnide> ok
18:44:27 <TheSnide> deb/exp is the "eat my data" release anyway, no?
18:44:38 <TheSnide> :-D
18:45:07 <sumpfralle> we want curious, but finally happy followers :)
18:46:50 <sumpfralle> ok - let us call it a short meeting!
18:46:52 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting