18:29:11 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:29:43 <sumpfralle> welcome!
18:29:44 <kjetilho> yay!
18:30:20 <sumpfralle> Welcome kjetilho - is anyone else around, too?
18:31:01 <sumpfralle> I guess, everyone is exhausted from the really long IRC log of today :)
18:31:58 <h01ger> hi
18:32:17 <sumpfralle> We are three - so we can start - great!
18:32:25 <sumpfralle> #topic Review of last week
18:32:31 <sumpfralle> What happened in your world?
18:34:24 <sumpfralle> I cannot remember everything for me, but I worked again a bit on the Debian packaging for 2.0 and 3.0 (this should be finished now. I guess). And I did a bigger cleanup of the autoconf handling in the contrib repository.
18:35:56 <sumpfralle> And I was follow (and slightly participating) in a longer discussion/progress related to a new plugin for the "cake" network traffic queuer (#941 at contrib).
18:36:26 <sumpfralle> And I proposed a change to the zwiebelbot for our trac->github migration.
18:36:40 <sumpfralle> That's it from me. Anyone else?
18:36:56 <sumpfralle> TheSnide also looked quite busy, I think ...
18:37:57 <sumpfralle> It is starting to feel like a monologue :)
18:38:46 <sumpfralle> So I add stuff for others: bcg published another release of the epel/fedora packaging - including some improvements of the apache configuration, I think.
18:39:03 <sumpfralle> Now my memory is drained ...
18:39:06 <sumpfralle> Another topic?
18:44:54 * sumpfralle starts to think, that people just went out for a walk ...
18:45:45 <bcg> I have a question: release 2.0.41?
18:48:11 <sumpfralle> Sounds reasonable. I would do this tomorrow, if no one objects.
18:49:41 <sumpfralle> It feels like we are slowly approaching the end of the meeting, or?
18:51:01 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting