18:30:04 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:30:05 <TheSnide> sumpfralle: hi
18:30:20 <sumpfralle> Welcome to this meeting. Who is around?
18:30:32 <TheSnide> _o/
18:30:54 <sumpfralle> so let us start :)
18:30:57 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide
18:30:57 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide sumpfralle
18:31:33 <sumpfralle> I was involved with other things during the last week, thus I do not really have something to share :(
18:31:46 <sumpfralle> I am patiently waiting for h01ger to review my packaging :)
18:31:57 <TheSnide> same
18:32:14 <TheSnide> (the busy part, not the h01ger one)
18:32:23 <sumpfralle> And I need to take a look at the last bits of the move to the new host - everything is set up - I just need to check, whether the new firewall rules by the hosting environment work.
18:32:27 <sumpfralle> hehe :)
18:32:38 <sumpfralle> In about 10 days I will be free again :)
18:32:50 <sumpfralle> The issue tracker feels quite busy recently - a good thing!
18:36:02 <TheSnide> I'll basically awefully busy until end of next week
18:36:32 <sumpfralle> hehe - exactly the same for me :)
18:36:54 <sumpfralle> But I will be able to take a quick look at most new things, I guess ...
18:37:40 <sumpfralle> So it feels, like we already exchanged everything newsworthy?
18:37:45 <TheSnide> my next task is to complete the perlcritic & perltidy items
18:38:06 <sumpfralle> Yes, this sounds good.
18:38:20 <sumpfralle> I would like to merge/finish the pull requests of cgzones quickly.
18:39:15 <sumpfralle> I think, there was a discussion here regarding the broken tests of contrib. I feel slightly responsible for that (but I fail to remember the details). You do not need to dig into that, if you do not insist.
18:39:57 <TheSnide> ok, i won't then.
18:40:59 <h01ger> sumpfralle: me hides
18:41:07 <h01ger> sumpfralle: havent forgotten you, just been buried
18:41:23 <sumpfralle> no worries
18:41:41 <h01ger> i know :)
18:41:47 <sumpfralle> h01ger: do you have an opinion about https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/1097
18:41:49 <sumpfralle> ?
18:42:04 <sumpfralle> (basically: how should we handle packaging issues/tickets)
18:42:28 <sumpfralle> I *think* the salsa/Debian policy is "there is only one issue tracker". Correct?
18:42:39 <h01ger> more or less yes
18:42:44 <h01ger> most people prefer that
18:42:52 * h01ger too
18:43:12 <sumpfralle> So I will recommend the requester to use bugs.d.o?
18:43:21 <h01ger> #1097 should definitly be in the debian bts
18:43:25 <h01ger> yes, please
18:43:33 <h01ger> esp. for debian packaging issues
18:43:33 <sumpfralle> good - I had the same feeling
18:43:47 <h01ger> stuff which are upstream bugs is surely fine as issue on github
18:43:59 <sumpfralle> yes, I agree
18:44:31 <sumpfralle> TheSnide, h01ger do we have any other topics?
18:44:42 <TheSnide> not really. thx all
18:44:45 <hugin> [13munin] 15h01ger commented on issue #1097: which package version did you test? also its better to file pure debian packaging issues in the debian BTS... 02https://git.io/fxLAv
18:45:08 <sumpfralle> h01ger seems to be distracted by doing good things :)
18:45:26 * TheSnide prefers package bugs to be in package BTS
18:45:39 <TheSnide> ... and have managers upstream them if needed
18:46:00 <sumpfralle> So we all have the same approach here - good!
18:46:11 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting