18:49:15 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:49:19 <sumpfralle> Hello all!
18:49:24 <h01ger> hello sumpfralle :)
18:50:20 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu be0rn kenyon cgzones
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18:50:35 <sumpfralle> it looks like a small meeting - but anyway: what happened last week?
18:50:40 <sumpfralle> #topic review of last week
18:51:00 <h01ger> finally, uploads to debian happened
18:51:06 <h01ger> kudos for sumpfralle for all his cool work
18:51:24 <sumpfralle> It was a pleasure and I am happy that it arrived.
18:51:56 <sumpfralle> btw: I failed to reproduce the autopkgtest regression on the first sight. I will need to dig deeper (in a few days).
18:52:18 * h01ger nods
18:52:24 <h01ger> (cool)
18:52:52 <sumpfralle> I updated the release notification on the old trac site (with the help of kjetilho).
18:53:23 <sumpfralle> I improved the lint-plugins tests a bit and added tests for multigraph checks.
18:53:35 <sumpfralle> I am interested in TheSnide's opinion on this matter.
18:54:00 <sumpfralle> see #1101
18:54:22 <sumpfralle> That is it from my side (still lacking a bit of free time this week).
18:54:26 <sumpfralle> Any other topics?
18:58:23 <sumpfralle> ok - so let us just finish before 9pm - thanks!
18:58:25 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting