18:28:25 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:28:34 <sumpfralle> Welcome to the weekly IRC meeting!
18:28:40 <sumpfralle> Who is around?
18:28:57 <h01ger> o?
18:29:02 <h01ger> that actually fits
18:29:06 <sumpfralle> :)
18:29:16 * dipohl is here
18:29:25 <sumpfralle> cool - welcome back!
18:29:36 <sumpfralle> so let us start
18:29:42 <sumpfralle> #topic Review of last week
18:30:08 <sumpfralle> I was still a bit out of time, thus there was just a bit of documentation and communication.
18:30:24 <sumpfralle> What happened in your world?
18:31:49 <h01ger> we have a fix for the autopkgtest regression in sid
18:31:50 <dipohl> thanks to new epel packages I am rolling out new munin-node versions :-)
18:32:09 <sumpfralle> h01ger: yeah!
18:32:22 <sumpfralle> dipohl: finally they are there and hopefully in a nice shape, yes.
18:33:14 <sumpfralle> Do you have other topics?
18:33:45 <TheSnide> hi
18:33:55 <sumpfralle> welcome!
18:34:21 <sumpfralle> do you have something to share about last week?
18:34:34 <TheSnide> me? no. fixed dmm0
18:35:09 <sumpfralle> ok - so are there other topics?
18:35:59 <sumpfralle> (sadly my distraction period was extended to this friday - thus I have nothing to plan or share)
18:36:57 <TheSnide> actually the deb does not pikup the config
18:37:24 <TheSnide> for httpd. but i think it is upstream
18:37:29 <sumpfralle> There was something about "load_config" that I opened in an issue or pull request.
18:37:33 <sumpfralle> yes, upstream, I think
18:37:44 <sumpfralle> I patched this for the last Debian packaging.
18:40:14 <sumpfralle> It was this one: https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/pull/995 (merged)
18:40:52 <sumpfralle> But I think, this fix was not final and only for one specific location.
18:41:54 <TheSnide> can we put up some systemd crontab replacement?
18:42:13 <sumpfralle> do you mean timers?
18:42:47 <sumpfralle> At least for the Debian packaging I would want to deliver (at least as a fallback) cron jobs - otherwise support for non-linux systems is lost.
18:42:47 <TheSnide> yup
18:43:04 <TheSnide> fallback is good
18:45:01 <sumpfralle> h01ger and me recently discussed about the pleasure to get rid of some packaging patches with a new upstream release. Do you have things on the list, that you would like to finish before another beta?
18:45:46 * h01ger noted that the debian-experimental branch doesnt have the autopkgtest the debian branch has
18:45:49 <h01ger> noticed
18:46:30 <sumpfralle> I will take care for this next week.
18:46:44 <sumpfralle> maybe just in time with another release? :)
18:48:58 <dipohl> Is there a written roadmap for Munin 3.0?
18:49:35 <h01ger> dipohl: in /topic
18:50:44 <dipohl> h01ger: you mean this? "limits, SQL awareness, upgrades from 2.0, guide"
18:51:08 <TheSnide> that is as written as it gets ;)
18:51:38 <sumpfralle> More precisely: "limits use SQL data" and "description of upgrade from 2.0 into the guide"
18:51:52 <sumpfralle> At least this is my understanding.
18:52:32 <TheSnide> yep
18:52:52 <sumpfralle> The "limits" topic is a bit broader, since we are carrying (if my understanding is correct) since around ten years a file called "LimitsOld.pm" - which feels really a bit hard to maintain and probably needs a bigger overhaul.
18:54:11 <TheSnide> i am rewrtiing most of the limit anyway
18:54:33 <h01ger> dipohl: yes. i also ment it ironically, as <@TheSnide> that is as written as it gets ;)
18:55:55 <dipohl> I like to have defined "tasks" and "milestones", is there something like this also in github?
18:57:28 <TheSnide> dipohl: not really.
18:57:39 <sumpfralle> Something like this is nice to have, but I am not sure, it is necessary (given our limited amount of development resources).
18:57:40 <dipohl> the "issues" are not the same as "development tasks" if I see it right.. or is it meant to use it this way by adding an appropriate tag?
18:58:51 <sumpfralle> They are tagged based on their source (master and stable-2.0). But we did not structure them in other ways. If someone is in the mood for that: go ahead!
19:00:26 <TheSnide> dipohl: i agree that management is nice. but one needs something to manage first
19:03:39 <TheSnide> but yeah, a task list might be useful
19:04:00 * TheSnide always avoided one, no to despair ;)
19:05:04 <sumpfralle> There is no reason for despair - progress is there and brings happiness!
19:05:46 <dipohl> TheSnide: I would say to define milestones will bring joy if the are reached :-)
19:05:51 <TheSnide> yep
19:06:17 <TheSnide> i was just too lazy :-)
19:07:04 <dipohl> I don't want to make pressure. I am very happy that development is going on again! :-)
19:07:29 <sumpfralle> And there is no shame to go for the fun parts first, if time is limited.
19:07:32 <sumpfralle> good!
19:08:01 <dipohl> I was only thinking about, how can I follow the progress without reading all the IRC chat protocols ;)
19:10:53 <TheSnide> dipohl: well.. not much to follow :(
19:11:11 <sumpfralle> You reworked the tests!
19:11:17 <sumpfralle> You removed cruft!
19:11:21 <sumpfralle> What could be better?
19:12:05 <TheSnide> tests on contrib?
19:13:07 <sumpfralle> sadly failing, still - to be fixed next week, I guess
19:14:46 <sumpfralle> Should we close the official part of the meeting and continue discussion afterwards?
19:16:36 * dipohl for me ok
19:19:08 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting