19:28:31 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:28:47 <sumpfralle> welcome to the weekly IRC meeting!
19:28:50 <sumpfralle> Who is around?
19:29:18 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu be0rn kenyon cgzones
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19:29:30 <kjetilho> that's a lot of chairs
19:29:51 <sumpfralle> yes, we are not very strict in organizing :)
19:29:59 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu be0rn kenyon cgzones kjetilho
19:29:59 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide be0rn cgzones chteuchteu h01ger kenyon kjetilho sumpfralle
19:30:21 <sumpfralle> #topic Review of last week
19:30:32 <sumpfralle> What happened in your week regarding munin?
19:31:57 <sumpfralle> My week was sadly occupied with other things, thus I failed to fix the autopkgtest for the Debian packaging of Munin 2.0.x and I did not manage to fix the travis tests for contrib.
19:32:05 <sumpfralle> But I am working on this right now! :)
19:32:08 <h01ger> nothing on my side, except that i pondered to upoad 2.0.42-3 with tests disabled, so that it can migrate and we can upload it to stretch-backports
19:32:16 <h01ger> sumpfralle: cool!
19:32:27 <h01ger> s#upoad#upload#
19:32:38 <sumpfralle> please wait until tomorrow noon - then you are free to following your pondering ...
19:34:54 <h01ger> no hurry
19:35:13 <h01ger> if you are working on it i will not spend time on a workaround we dont want
19:35:16 <sumpfralle> time limits help me :)
19:35:30 <h01ger> ok, then please hurry up :-D
19:35:37 <sumpfralle> yes, sir!
19:35:45 <h01ger> lol/ouch
19:37:51 <sumpfralle> Regarding the Debian packaging (for the next release): DysonAlpha just pointed out, that an improved nginx preparation would be nice (including systemd socket activation and so on for munin-cgi). In this case I would also change the apache2 configuration in order to use this socket. Or what do you think?
19:38:07 <sumpfralle> ("next relase" -> the one after fixing the autopkgtest)
19:40:35 <h01ger> i guess so
19:40:58 <sumpfralle> ok
19:41:18 <sumpfralle> There is nothing more to be discussed from my side.
19:41:24 <sumpfralle> Any other topics from you?
19:41:34 <h01ger> how is munin-cgi activated currently with apache2?
19:41:42 <h01ger> nothing from my side
19:42:16 <sumpfralle> munin-cgi uses the apache module fcgi
19:42:33 <sumpfralle> this in apache2 it is independent from systemd/sysvrc-init
19:43:22 <sumpfralle> What do you think: should we pick the "suitable" apache configuration file for sysv/systemd during installation? Is that the right approach?
19:44:04 <h01ger> i have to admit, i cannot really comment
19:44:15 <sumpfralle> ok - so I will think a bit more about it.
19:46:47 <sumpfralle> That's it - so let us close this meeting?
19:46:51 <TheSnide> hi
19:46:56 <sumpfralle> ha - just in time!
19:47:02 <sumpfralle> welcome!
19:47:32 <h01ger> in general i'm much in favor of using superior technology when possible. IOW, i like switching stuff to systemd (we should just not needlessly remove support for using it without systemd for those who prefer that)
19:47:57 <sumpfralle> +1
19:47:58 <h01ger> s#for using it#for usage#
19:50:56 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: anything new from your side or did your external occupation also extended a bit like mine?
19:53:31 <TheSnide> well, i did merge my bugfixes for async
19:53:55 <sumpfralle> great!
19:54:10 <TheSnide> .. along with automated testing spoolfetch on the master.
19:54:19 <sumpfralle> yeah!
19:54:28 <TheSnide> which let me to some other bugfixes, and a lot of code removal.
19:54:52 <TheSnide> since, I *removed* all the tests, and replaced them by an E2E one.
19:54:55 <sumpfralle> what a pleasure!
19:55:02 <h01ger> time for 2.999.10? ;)
19:55:18 <TheSnide> I can see via the coverage the code area that are unused
19:55:35 <TheSnide> h01ger: sounds like a plan indeed.
19:55:36 <h01ger> oO( or 2.9999.1? ;)
19:55:52 <h01ger> (please stay with 2.999.10)
19:55:56 <h01ger> TheSnide: cool!
19:56:15 <TheSnide> h01ger: 2.9999.1 will happen with I manage to ship the limits-over-sql thingy
19:56:54 <h01ger> what have i said..
19:57:00 <TheSnide> I'm doing *very* simple code nowadays. Along with maintaining the code coverage : therefore adding tests along with code.
19:57:16 <TheSnide> h01ger: wait for 2.99999.1 ;)
19:57:59 <TheSnide> hmm... is there a limit on version numbers in debian PTS? now i'm feeling like a QA guy :)
19:58:39 <sumpfralle> there are no limits in Debian, I think :)
19:59:17 <TheSnide> Also, smokris did the port of munin-node-c to macOS, along with the travis config.
19:59:48 <sumpfralle> your pet is growing :)
19:59:51 <TheSnide> h01ger: but no.. i think I'll stay with the 2.999.x series
20:00:10 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: maybe you want to consider #1102 (shamelessly: mine) and maybe #1064 (from cgzones) for the release? And maybe others from cgzone, if you think, they are finished.
20:00:11 <TheSnide> sumpfralle: that's indeed a _perfect_ way to describe it
20:00:36 <TheSnide> aha... yeah, those. Forgot about them.
20:01:06 <TheSnide> But yes, definitely. I think i'll bite the bullet and do it this WE.
20:01:50 <TheSnide> .. but more likely the commits will happend the WE after
20:01:52 <sumpfralle> "Forget about them"?
20:02:03 <TheSnide> I forgot
20:02:06 <sumpfralle> ah :)
20:02:09 <sumpfralle> good!
20:02:21 <sumpfralle> "Forgot" - now I get it
20:02:41 <TheSnide> sumpfralle: either change font, or glasses ;-p
20:02:46 <sumpfralle> or brain!
20:03:00 * TheSnide should change both, as he's getting older
20:03:44 <sumpfralle> wisdom needs time :)
20:05:13 <sumpfralle> So another release is coming. And a new Debian package is coming. What else could we wish from the next week? :)
20:07:59 <h01ger> ponies
20:08:41 <sumpfralle> There is always something beautiful missing ...
20:09:22 <TheSnide> Winter is coming also.
20:09:48 <sumpfralle> Good news! More time lurking in the dark.
20:09:54 <h01ger> :)
20:10:05 <sumpfralle> I think, we are finished for this meeting?
20:10:09 <TheSnide> +1
20:10:37 <h01ger> yup
20:10:44 <TheSnide> I'd really like to work on a BSD port of munin-c-plugins
20:10:54 <TheSnide> .. but let's finish 3.0 first ;)
20:11:34 <sumpfralle> yes :)
20:11:34 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle commented on issue #986: @barajus: what do you think? 02https://git.io/fxbbx
20:11:42 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting