19:28:50 <sumpfralle1> #startmeeting
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19:29:03 <sumpfralle1> Welcome to the weekly IRC meeting for munin!
19:29:07 <sumpfralle1> Who is around?
19:29:42 <sumpfralle1> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu kenyon be0rn bcg
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19:30:05 * h01ger waves
19:31:28 <sumpfralle1> So we have a small meeting :)
19:31:44 <sumpfralle1> #topic What happened last week?
19:32:16 <sumpfralle1> We released 2.0.43 and h01ger uploaded it to Debian.
19:32:30 <sumpfralle1> Thankfully this emitted a few helpful bug reports.
19:32:59 <sumpfralle1> #topic Things to be done for 2.0.x
19:33:46 <sumpfralle1> Based on h01ger's reminder regarding the upcoming Debian release ("buster"), I will try to look for finshing touches.
19:34:13 <sumpfralle1> For now I indentified two relevant issues: #1108 and #1109.
19:34:47 <sumpfralle1> TheSnide: I would be happy if you could comment on #1108 (I do not know the postgresql plugin framework).
19:35:20 <sumpfralle1> h01ger: do you have something else in mind with regards to polishing 2.0 for the Debian release?
19:35:58 <h01ger> 2.0.43 is not in buster
19:36:05 <h01ger> thats the most pressing issue atm
19:36:25 <sumpfralle1> yes, that is also on my list - I just did not mention it. Correct.
19:36:50 <sumpfralle1> "pressing" -> "weeks", not "days" - correct?
19:37:23 <bcg> I'm going to upload 2.0.43 to rhel/fedora soon(ish).
19:37:37 <sumpfralle1> great - more testing surface :)
19:38:59 <sumpfralle1> bcg: the issues reported with regard to the fedora packaging currently do not require upstream changes, or?
19:39:18 <sumpfralle1> (just to be sure - I think, it was just about pre-configuration or documentation in the packagin)
19:39:20 <sumpfralle1> g
19:39:38 <h01ger> sumpfralle1: https://release.debian.org/#release-dates - so we have until march 8th for uploading munin releases aimed at buster. after that we can still get stuff in, but it needs to be sensible and desired and will be reviewed
19:40:03 <h01ger> (but those things are definitly not blocking sensible updates after march 12th)
19:40:10 <sumpfralle1> h01ger: thank you! This will work ...
19:40:21 <TheSnide> Hi
19:40:26 <sumpfralle1> hello!
19:40:28 <TheSnide> sorry, late
19:40:50 <h01ger> (its march 12th minus 2 days (because thats how long the migration from unstable to testing works, with autopkgtests), and because march 8th is a memorable day i choose that, as its easier to remember ;)
19:41:04 <sumpfralle1> ha!
19:41:10 <bcg> No changes needed. The only open bug is https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/1071 which is going nowhere (configuration error).
19:41:31 <sumpfralle1> ok, good
19:41:56 <sumpfralle1> Do we have other topics?
19:42:23 <h01ger> any ETA for 2.0.44? 2.999.10?
19:42:23 <TheSnide> btw, i'm sortof aiming for a 3.0 on xmas :)
19:42:32 <h01ger> TheSnide: \o/
19:43:03 <h01ger> TheSnide: which xmas date do you have in mind? december 6th? january 6th? dec 25? dec 24? i'm sure there are more ;)
19:43:28 <TheSnide> DEC25. coz its OCT31
19:44:15 <sumpfralle1> this will be a very welcome jump - great!
19:44:16 <TheSnide> also, i think i'll just ship whats ready
19:44:30 <sumpfralle1> good
19:44:48 <h01ger> we'll keep it in debian experimental until buster is released. so even april 1st 2019 would work very well for us :)
19:44:59 * h01ger hides
19:45:21 <sumpfralle1> yeah - the last Debian release with 2.0 is approaching!
19:46:21 <h01ger> :)))
19:47:09 <sumpfralle1> Any other topics?
19:50:14 <hugin> [13munin] 15sumpfralle commented on issue #852: Ping? 02https://git.io/fp4w8
19:50:59 <TheSnide> why?
19:51:07 <sumpfralle1> why?
19:51:11 <TheSnide> if it works well *huhuhu*
19:51:22 <TheSnide> 3.0 in buster
19:51:46 <TheSnide> i expwrimented with docker. works pretty well now
19:52:00 <TheSnide> and it is awesome to run tests
19:52:08 <sumpfralle1> hehe - I do not think, we want to take such a burden. I seriously expect _a lot_ of feedback after upgrading to 3.0 in Debian.
19:53:10 <sumpfralle1> It will be available in buster-backports, if h01ger wants to do that. This is neat for interested people.
19:54:16 <TheSnide> yep
19:54:35 <TheSnide> i agreed on that in the past
19:54:40 <sumpfralle1> (I am not the one deciding this - that was just my opinion)
19:54:59 <TheSnide> and if we offer a docker, it wont matter much ;)
19:55:13 <TheSnide> anyway, thats it
19:55:36 <TheSnide> but yeah. dec25 is a nice date.
19:55:57 <sumpfralle1> yes - definitely. Just do not spoil you free days!
19:55:58 <TheSnide> last dec25 was perl6 day IIRC, let
19:56:05 <h01ger> lets discuss munin 3.0 in buster-backports once a.) munin 3.0 has been released *and* b.) buster has been released
19:56:10 <TheSnide> us grab this one
19:56:10 <sumpfralle1> hehe - a bold comparison!
19:56:50 <sumpfralle1> h01ger: yes, I think, it will take a bit of time. Personally I am not in the mood to rush :)
19:56:54 <TheSnide> h01ger: you grinch ;)
19:57:22 <TheSnide> ... but +1 nonethelesa
19:57:27 <sumpfralle1> _someone_ has to be the responsible person in the group :)
19:57:55 <sumpfralle1> ok - so let us finish the meeting and get back to hacking?
20:01:26 <sumpfralle1> #endmeeting