19:28:54 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:28:59 <TheSnide> hi
19:29:11 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger chteuchteu be0rn kenyon bcg
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19:29:26 <sumpfralle> #topic New things from the last week?
19:29:51 <sumpfralle> I do not have anything specific to share. Just minor things.
19:29:54 <sumpfralle> How about you?
19:30:33 <TheSnide> i spent some time on dmm0, and I dont understand the reasons for those white bands
19:30:51 <sumpfralle> #topic Gaps on demo.mm0
19:30:53 <TheSnide> that's the most worrysome thing to me currently
19:31:01 <sumpfralle> agrred
19:31:06 <sumpfralle> do you have a theory?
19:31:22 <TheSnide> i had several, which all proved wrong.
19:31:29 <sumpfralle> progress! :)
19:31:41 <TheSnide> edison style.
19:32:17 <TheSnide> now, i am looking at the db update warnings.
19:32:59 <TheSnide> as my last theory is that if a db stmt fails, it just breaks and nothing gets updated
19:34:29 <TheSnide> i'm currently at one affecting the table url, which i dont understand currently. but i didnt spend much time on it yet.
19:35:20 <sumpfralle> Can we somehow log/track database statements? (maybe on the database side - not in munin)
19:35:36 <sumpfralle> Or is that too low level?
19:35:39 <TheSnide> hint: it is a unique key violation, but i do a DELETE right before the INSERT. and it worka in the cli client
19:36:04 <sumpfralle> delete + insert sounds like "update" :)
19:36:05 <TheSnide> we can. but i'm not there yet.
19:36:23 <TheSnide> it is more an UPSERT
19:36:27 <TheSnide> but yea.
19:36:54 <sumpfralle> ha - I have never seen that - nice!
19:36:58 <TheSnide> so, that is my last theory.
19:37:26 <TheSnide> latest, and last.
19:37:34 <sumpfralle> Would it help you to explain all your research to me? (like: talking to someone may enlighten you)
19:38:17 <TheSnide> well, if that one doeant work out, ill revert to that. indeed
19:39:14 <sumpfralle> So I will leave you hunt it down - and if it fails I will be happy to listen to your complaints about the absurdity of this mystery.
19:40:22 <sumpfralle> It sounds like we can finish our meeting? :)
19:55:45 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting