20:11:45 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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20:11:54 <h01ger> #chair TheSnide sumpfralle dipohl
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20:12:08 <sumpfralle> someone showed courage and opened the meeting :)
20:12:20 <h01ger> i dont intend to chair this meeting, rather go afk very soon, but i think these meetings should be logged, thats why i started it
20:12:28 <sumpfralle> indeed
20:12:56 <h01ger> http://downloads.munin-monitoring.org/munin/stable/2.0.45/ doesnt exist and http://munin-monitoring.org/ also doesnt mention 2.0.45 yet
20:13:32 <h01ger> i could verify the 2.0.45 git tag however! \o/
20:13:48 <sumpfralle> at least you see the effort :)
20:13:58 <dipohl> I will add a news message in trac
20:15:08 <sumpfralle> great
20:15:41 <dipohl> it would be good when we upload the tar.gz also to sourceforge..
20:16:00 <dipohl> it's total outdated at the time but people are downloading.. :(
20:16:53 <h01ger> drop sourceforge instead?
20:17:06 <h01ger> sumpfralle: once you release a tarball i'll upload..
20:17:08 <dipohl> https://sourceforge.net/projects/munin/files/latest/download
20:17:56 <h01ger> sourceforge has become a source of malware. i was serious when i suggested to remove munin from sourceforge.
20:18:01 <dipohl> h01ger: I am ok with dropping sourceforge
20:18:10 <h01ger> if we decide to stay, we should obviously update it
20:19:23 <dipohl> but we will need another platform for the mailing lists then..
20:20:12 <h01ger> then i'd say keep it
20:20:36 <dipohl> I don't know if we can delete all files from the project
20:20:37 <sumpfralle> Or we just remove the files from sourceforge and put a text file there that links to downloads.m-m.org
20:20:51 <h01ger> that
20:21:48 <dipohl> TheSnide: you are admin @ SF as I see
20:22:35 <dipohl> can you try to delete the files and put such a text file message instead?
20:25:30 <dipohl> hmm, TheSnide seems to be elsewhere.. I start another topic meanwhile
20:25:44 <dipohl> #topic New Munin Homepage
20:26:39 <dipohl> I started with a review and update the existing jekyll pages (made by chteuchteu)
20:26:47 <sumpfralle> cool
20:27:00 <dipohl> https://munin-monitoring.github.io/documentation/
20:27:16 <h01ger> nice
20:30:46 <dipohl> I have deleted a lot of links to articles that refer outdated Munin versions or return 404
20:31:10 <dipohl> will go on with the review in the next time
20:32:50 <TheSnide> i was also distracted
20:33:25 <dipohl> #topic sourceforge
20:33:26 <sumpfralle> I think, the 404 are ok. Progress is good!
20:33:41 <TheSnide> dipohl: sounds sane indeed
20:35:01 <dipohl> TheSnide: you are admin @ SF as I see
20:35:08 <dipohl> can you try to delete the files and put such a text file message instead?
20:35:54 <sumpfralle> sorry - I am gone now for half an hour - enjoy!
20:36:40 <TheSnide> dipohl: which one ?
20:36:54 <dipohl> read above
20:37:18 <dipohl> we were talking about outdated download files @ sourceforge
20:37:33 <TheSnide> oh, you want to remove all the files there?
20:37:45 <dipohl> that is a proposal :)
20:38:02 <dipohl> I don't even know if it would be possible..
20:39:12 <dipohl> (09:19:45 PM) h01ger: sourceforge has become a source of malware. i was serious when i suggested to remove munin from sourceforge.
20:39:52 <dipohl> but we have the mailing lists there, so the idea came up to only delete the download files
20:40:47 <dipohl> and put a message instead pointing to the current download URL
20:44:03 <dipohl> hmm, very arduous this meeting ..
20:44:36 <dipohl> TheSnide: Shall we move the topic to the next meeting?
20:44:40 <TheSnide> yup
20:44:54 <dipohl> so finish this round?
20:45:02 <TheSnide> "sourceforge has become a source of malware" <-- also for us ?
20:45:11 <dipohl> h01ger: ?
20:46:26 <dipohl> TheSnide: at least it will be double work to update Munin project download site and also SF
20:46:45 <TheSnide> well.. i can upload to both at the same time to be honest
20:46:55 <TheSnide> I didn't bother with it, but I can resume
20:47:18 <dipohl> I am ok with both solutions: Update both or delete SF
20:47:28 <dipohl> but I don't like the outdated state @ SF
20:48:12 <h01ger> afaik not for us
20:48:36 <kjetilho> I think we can agree on removing outdated content and replace it with pointers to the current site
20:52:22 <dipohl> TheSnide: Can you upload the new version to here: http://downloads.munin-monitoring.org/munin/stable/2.0.45/
20:52:39 <dipohl> before I publish the news on the Trac homepage please
20:53:07 <dipohl> at the time: "The requested URL /munin/stable/2.0.45/ was not found on this server."
20:55:07 <h01ger> sumpfralle: please dont forget to publish the tarball. besides that, the unstable upload is prepared..
20:55:20 <h01ger> ah, dipohl just said the same :)
20:55:40 <dipohl> h01ger: yes I know :-)
20:56:08 <dipohl> but it seems, we have to repeat anything today..
20:56:54 <h01ger> 3[21:37] < sumpfralle> sorry - I am gone now for half an hour - enjoy!
20:57:05 <h01ger> are we done with the meeting?
20:57:34 <dipohl> from my side yes
20:58:05 <dipohl> The news message for the Trac homepage is ready for launch.. only waiting for the upload
20:58:25 <h01ger> then i'd say, see you all next week! and thanks for attending!
20:58:28 <h01ger> #endmeeting