19:45:31 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:45:39 <sumpfralle> Let us start with our weekly IRC meeting!
19:46:02 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger
19:46:02 <MeetBot> Current chairs: TheSnide h01ger sumpfralle
19:46:18 <sumpfralle> What happened last week?
19:48:19 <sumpfralle> I was distracted and only added a comment to d#918851. This issue would be the one, that I would like to resolve somehow (if possible) for buster.
19:48:59 <sumpfralle> hm - I just noticed, that my comment is not there :( - I have to look for the source of my confusion ...
19:51:48 <sumpfralle> uh - it is here: d#921985 - and sparked some more comments ...
19:51:57 <sumpfralle> Anything else to share, TheSnide?
20:09:41 <h01ger> i think the df defaults are good, maybe/probably some more documentatuion is in order
20:10:32 <sumpfralle> I guess: "df defaults" -> munin-node service defaults?
20:11:32 <sumpfralle> h01ger: TheSnide proposed a debconf question. I could imagine, this would be worth it. What do you think?
20:11:41 <sumpfralle> (see my latest reply to the bug report)
20:35:49 <TheSnide> damn i got leaked into another meeting
20:35:53 <TheSnide> back
20:36:20 <TheSnide> yes, i replied directly on the BTS
20:40:02 <sumpfralle> "leaked" :)
20:40:16 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: do you have something else to share?
20:40:25 <TheSnide> not really
20:40:49 <TheSnide> h01ger nicely uploaded latest munin-c
20:41:05 <sumpfralle> yes, a good thing
20:42:13 <sumpfralle> So let us close the meeting, I guess.
20:42:16 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting