19:44:27 <sumpfralle1> #startmeeting
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19:44:33 <sumpfralle1> #chair TheSnide
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19:45:12 <sumpfralle1> sadly I lost the host that was running my IRC session. Thus I do not know, whether anything interesting happened here since Saturday?
19:45:40 <sumpfralle1> (I will be able to recover it - I just did not take the time, yet)
19:46:34 <bcg> rhel8 is coming soon and my current plan is to package munin3 to it, not munin2.
19:46:55 <bcg> any plans for munin 3 non-beta?
19:47:06 <TheSnide> well
19:48:34 <TheSnide> sumpfralle1: not really, some bug chat
19:48:35 <bcg> The problem is that if I do munin2, I have to stay on 2 for a *long* time. And maybe package separate munin3 package.
19:49:40 <bcg> So I rather go to munin3 (even beta, without munin-limits) on rhel8.
19:50:07 <sumpfralle1> bcg: how is the rhel policy with regard to package updates: only security? Or also small functional fixes (patches)? Or even upstream release updates?
19:50:11 <TheSnide> well... m3 is rc grade
19:50:26 <TheSnide> the only thing that doesn't work is munin-limits
19:51:02 <bcg> In rhel/epel I should do mostly security, but small functionality is fine.
19:51:11 <TheSnide> I should be able to work on munin first week of april.
19:51:22 <bcg> I could do munin + munin3 as separate packages, but I rather do only one.
19:51:23 <TheSnide> which IMHO should be enough to fire a 3.0
19:51:42 <sumpfralle1> sounds great to me!
19:51:45 * TheSnide didn't have _any_ free time since a while :'(
19:51:54 <sumpfralle1> poor you! :(
19:52:11 <TheSnide> yeah, major changes @ $work.
19:52:21 <sumpfralle1> hopefully positive ones ...
19:52:57 <TheSnide> sumpfralle1: rather neutral for now. Just an insane workload
19:53:14 <sumpfralle1> It shall drain soon!
19:54:59 <TheSnide> bcg: what's your timeframe?
19:55:35 <bcg> Not sure, but maybe 2-4 months?
19:57:58 <TheSnide> so, Apr 20th would be ok?
19:58:52 <bcg> Even June would be ok.
20:05:38 <sumpfralle1> So it sounds like a good plan. Munin3 is getting serious now! :)
20:06:42 <bcg> Great, thanks.
20:08:04 <sumpfralle1> TheSnide: FYI: I will do another munin-2.0 release around this weekend.
20:15:44 <sumpfralle1> I guess, we can close the logged part of the meeting for now.
20:16:03 <sumpfralle1> #endmeeting