18:30:21 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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18:30:25 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger
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18:30:39 <sumpfralle> welcome to the weekly IRC meeting!
18:31:15 <sumpfralle> #topic Review of the last weeks
18:32:25 <sumpfralle> Some days ago I picked up the migration of the demo/gallery service from an old VM to the new VM donated by linpro. Only a few pieces were missing - it is almost done.
18:32:46 <sumpfralle> Besides this, I was not too active with regard to munin.
18:33:15 <sumpfralle> How as your life?
18:34:02 <sumpfralle> s/as/was/
18:36:05 * h01ger has picked up physical activities again, which guess what, feels very healthy
18:36:30 * sumpfralle is cheering for that
18:37:17 <sumpfralle> anyway - going forward ...
18:37:22 <sumpfralle> #topic What's next
18:37:36 <h01ger> 2.0.48?
18:37:45 <sumpfralle> right now I am finally digging through all recently opened issues and pull requests. I will release it tonight.
18:38:00 <h01ger> and after some thinking, i think i will include those test simplifications into 2.0.48-1
18:38:14 <h01ger> sumpfralle: \o/ and please absolutly take your time
18:38:19 <h01ger> next week would be fine
18:38:22 <sumpfralle> Sounds good to me (I can hardly judge this).
18:38:46 <sumpfralle> I postponed it for too long - but thanks for the additional time :)
18:39:16 <h01ger> *would* be fine
18:39:19 <h01ger> tomorrow is better
18:39:31 <sumpfralle> So it will be (or today).
18:39:32 <h01ger> :)
18:39:34 <sumpfralle> Some days ago I read the announcement mail that mentioned, that only "targetted" fixes are appropriate for inclusion in Buster at this.
18:39:52 <sumpfralle> Do you think, we will get through with a minimal upstream-release-update?
18:40:02 <sumpfralle> "at this" -> "at this time"
18:40:16 <h01ger> test simplifications = risk of breaking stuff in buster is zero. if i/we fuckup and break buster, the release team will be happy not to accept it and we can retry in sid :)
18:40:36 <h01ger> minimal upstream-release-update = targeted fixes
18:40:41 <h01ger> so, yes, i think so
18:40:49 <h01ger> no new features, just bugfixes
18:40:54 <sumpfralle> ok. Good.
18:40:59 <sumpfralle> yes, absolutely no features! :)
18:41:32 <h01ger> (and documentation fixes, etc. small reasonable changes)
18:41:37 <h01ger> *reasonable changes*
18:42:27 * sumpfralle will try hard to restrain himself from any attempt of beautification
18:43:56 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: do you have something to share about your dive into "munin-limits" for 3.0?
18:47:10 <h01ger> *reasonable changes*
18:47:20 <h01ger> beautification can be reasonable
18:47:30 <h01ger> while whitespace changes are rather not
18:47:51 <sumpfralle> hehe - you do not want to encourage me :)
18:48:22 <sumpfralle> I am starting to get the feeling, that *real humans* will decide what gets through and what is stopped ...
18:49:38 * sumpfralle assumes that TheSnide is happily hacking beautiful perl code
18:49:45 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting