19:14:02 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:14:09 <sumpfralle> How was your week?
19:18:36 <sumpfralle> #chair TheSnide h01ger
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19:21:30 <TheSnide> So, 2.999.12 is out, thanks to sumpfralle's merge window
19:21:57 <TheSnide> I also did setup some tasks for 2.999.13 & 2.999.14. So we have a formal backlog
19:23:21 <sumpfralle> yes, this looks really well organized now
19:23:44 <sumpfralle> so you know, what your are doing during the summer time :)
19:24:55 <TheSnide> yep. And it helps me staying focused
19:26:57 <sumpfralle> #topic muninlite
19:27:45 <sumpfralle> during the minidebconf in hamburg (organized mainly by h01ger - thanks!) I talked to lynxis from openwrt about muninlite.
19:28:07 <sumpfralle> He created a github repository of muninlite (converted from the sourceforge source) some time ago.
19:28:34 <sumpfralle> But he has no specific plans with it. This was the only git-ed source I found of muninlite.
19:28:59 <sumpfralle> After the discussion I thought it would be a good idea to move muninlite to the munin github group.
19:29:18 <sumpfralle> OpenWrt collected some patches over the years - as well as my local wireless community.
19:29:57 <sumpfralle> In order to get a nice move over, I contacted the sourceforge maintainer of muninlite, but he did not respond yet (for just a few days).
19:30:47 <sumpfralle> The maintainer is "runesk" (Norwegian, I guess).
19:31:14 <sumpfralle> Maybe he was somehow part of the circle of the munin developers from the past?
19:31:51 <sumpfralle> (his sourceforge site mentions "linpro")
19:32:28 <sumpfralle> Anyway: I will wait another week and then maybe someone has an idea, how to contact him.
19:32:44 <sumpfralle> TheSnide: do you have any opinion regarding the inclusion of muninlite in the github group?
19:47:39 <TheSnide> none
19:47:50 <TheSnide> oh, misread
19:48:15 <TheSnide> No, i would actually welcome it. (I did read "do you have any opposition")
19:49:32 <sumpfralle> great :)
19:49:55 <sumpfralle> I would enjoy to maintain this shell-based gem in our collection :)
19:49:56 <TheSnide> I actually don't really like the muninlite idea, since it's much more CPU heavy than munin-c, but I get the point.
19:50:18 <sumpfralle> yes, I understand.
19:50:35 <sumpfralle> do you have other topics for today?
19:50:48 <TheSnide> I mean, shell is nice since you don't need to *compile* it. And it got bitten by having an old NAS with an old GLIBC & old arch that i couldn't easily cross compile to
19:52:59 <sumpfralle> yes, under such circumstances the muninlite approach feels quite portable and useful
19:54:33 <TheSnide> But, for the _very_ specific usecase of openwrt, i'd really like to ship muninc-c directly with it, if possible
19:55:28 <sumpfralle> This is a bit tricky, since it additionally needs a set of useful plugins.
19:55:40 <sumpfralle> These are currently built into muninlite itself.
19:56:09 <TheSnide> my _ultimate_ goal is to have munin-c directly embedded in busybox :p /me is dreaming ;p
19:56:46 <sumpfralle> hehe - I smell feature creep around the corner :)
19:57:43 <TheSnide> well, it's not really going to happen, as busybox supports quite a lot of platforms.
19:58:44 <TheSnide> but still.
19:59:06 <TheSnide> do you have a list of plugins from muninlite ?
19:59:24 <TheSnide> and... one can still think about reusing muninlite from munin-c if needed.
20:00:41 <sumpfralle> plugins in muninlite: df cpu if_* if_err_* load memory processes swap uptime interrupts irqstats ntpdate
20:01:17 <TheSnide> well, i guess that's a nice goal for munin-c to cover those ;p
20:01:18 <sumpfralle> At the moment these plugins are included in the muninlite shell script.
20:01:26 <sumpfralle> yes, sounds good!
20:02:53 <TheSnide> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin-c/issues/59
20:03:25 <sumpfralle> hehe :)
20:03:28 <sumpfralle> world domination!
20:04:44 <TheSnide> ok, i have to drop
20:06:51 <sumpfralle> have a good night!
20:06:54 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting