18:30:35 <sumpfralle4> #startmeeting
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18:31:00 <sumpfralle4> Who is around and wants to share something?
18:49:07 * h01ger waves
18:49:43 <h01ger> munin 2.0.51-1 entered bullseye two days ago
18:50:03 <h01ger> time for a 2.999.15 release? :)
18:55:29 <sumpfralle4> In the long run we will surely see a high probability of releases happening on Wednesday evenings due to peer pressure/encouragement :)
18:55:34 <bcg> 2.999.15 please! I just received two requests for Munin for EPEL8 and I still would like it to be Munin 3.
18:56:12 <bcg> 2.0.51 will go to EPEL 6/7 soon.
18:56:46 <sumpfralle4> Some minor improvements in the "limits" code arrived in 2.999 due to the stable-2.0 release. But I guess, TheSnide wants to add some sugar to it, before he releases another one?
18:57:03 <sumpfralle4> bcg: great!
18:57:53 <sumpfralle4> btw: I am a bit confused by #1238 - this seems to be an issue with perl-cache-cache - maybe only on EPEL. But I could not find a bug report for it (and have no system for testing).
18:58:15 <sumpfralle4> A similar report arrived today on the mailing list (see lifeboy above).
19:00:52 <bcg> perl-Cache-Cache rpm works for me in mysql_ plugin.
19:02:06 <sumpfralle4> weird. I was suprised, that 'perl -e "use Cache::Cache;"' did not work for the bug reporter. And the same for lifeboy, I guess (both EPEL). Thus I thought, there would be a pattern.
19:02:48 <bcg> I'll reply to 1238
19:02:56 <sumpfralle4> great!
19:13:13 <sumpfralle4> closing the meeting for now - maybe TheSnide is still contemplating about the surprising ingredients of the new release :)
19:13:15 <sumpfralle4> #endmeeting