19:29:55 <sumpfralle4> #startmeeting
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19:30:03 <sumpfralle4> Welcome to our weekly IRC meeting!
19:34:56 <sumpfralle4> I guess, it is time for another 2.0 release, if no one objects.
19:40:42 <sumpfralle4> I just pushed a release commit to stable-2.0.
19:40:58 <sumpfralle4> TheSnide: feel free to upload the archive.
19:42:16 <sumpfralle4> h01ger: this release includes the new munin-get tool. What do you think about the Debian package? Should it be part of the munin-node package? Should its requirements be "Recommends" for the munin-node package?
19:49:29 <h01ger> yay for the new release
19:49:56 <h01ger> shipping it as munin-node makes the most sense, or another binary package, but probably this is overkill
19:50:06 <h01ger> its requirements be "Recommends" for the munin-node package sounds good
19:51:12 <sumpfralle4> good - I will prepare this.
19:54:36 <h01ger> coolio
19:59:06 <h01ger> http://munin-monitoring.org/ says 2.0.50 is the last one
19:59:33 <h01ger> though at least http://downloads.munin-monitoring.org/munin/stable/2.0.51/ exists
20:22:25 <TheSnide> woops, late. *very* late.
20:23:54 <sumpfralle4> h01ger: yes, maybe I forgot to update it :(
20:24:02 <sumpfralle4> welcome, TheSnide!
20:24:07 * TheSnide preps the tgz
20:24:12 <sumpfralle4> great!
20:25:15 <h01ger> sumpfralle4: i ment it more as a reminder to update it this time :)
20:25:46 <sumpfralle4> jaja :)
20:26:04 <TheSnide> gpg key expired 2019-11-17 :'(
20:26:37 <TheSnide> will take a little longer than usual, as I have to retrive the master from cold storage ...
20:27:00 <TheSnide> (fortunatly only _sub_key expired)
20:27:34 <sumpfralle4> sounds like a proper setup ...
20:33:51 <sumpfralle4> I updated the website now.
21:16:05 <TheSnide> http://downloads.munin-monitoring.org/munin/stable/2.0.52/ ;)
21:16:41 <h01ger> yay
21:17:26 <TheSnide> cold storage was a little more difficult to unfreeze than expected
21:17:39 <TheSnide> #wintertime
21:17:51 <sumpfralle4> :)
21:18:11 <sumpfralle4> So we did it - as usual there is another release on Wednesday ...
21:18:12 <sumpfralle4> #endmeeting