19:34:43 <sumpfralle4> #startmeeting
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19:34:54 <sumpfralle4> Hello - it is time again for our weekly IRC meeting.
19:35:05 <sumpfralle4> Is someone around and has something to share or discuss?
19:38:27 <TheSnide> hi all
19:38:35 <TheSnide> releae?
19:38:38 <TheSnide> release?
19:40:17 <sumpfralle4> a release is always a good idea :)
19:40:38 <sumpfralle4> For 2.0: currently there are no changes since the last release (just a build issue fix).
19:40:49 <sumpfralle4> How about 3.0?
19:42:39 <TheSnide> hmm... would be a good idea
19:42:57 <TheSnide> let me note to release something before next week
19:44:08 <sumpfralle4> sounds great!
19:46:22 <sumpfralle4> I am still fiddling around with the testing of the updated Debian package for 2.0.52. The combination of reboot (for sysvinit support) and LXC behaves in an unexpected way on my test system. I will finish this until the end of the week or I will remove the problematic changes for now. (everything is just related to packaging)
19:46:35 <sumpfralle4> That's all from my side.
19:48:40 <TheSnide> same here
19:49:07 <TheSnide> btw, i was thinking about offering an official docker image
19:49:46 <TheSnide> ... and a k8s integration solution. As everyone is onto that at the moment.
19:50:40 <TheSnide> --> my angle would be "prometheus? yes! ... but who monitors that?" ... As we are as lightweight as possible, and we just work.
19:50:43 <TheSnide> ;)
19:54:27 <sumpfralle4> hehe :)
19:55:18 <sumpfralle4> regarding docker and k8s: I am not proficient in these fields, thus I cannot really contribute this easily.
19:55:20 <sumpfralle4> Could you?
19:55:27 <sumpfralle4> (I am certainly open for that)
19:57:32 <yang_> Is "munin_routes" plugin in Debian ?
19:57:37 <yang_> I mean
19:57:42 <yang_> Is "quagga_routes" plugin in Debian ?
19:59:51 <sumpfralle4> yang_: no - it is only part of the "contrib" repository. But the next Debian package will contain the new tool "munin-get" (introduced in munin 2.0.52), which allows to install and manage plugins from contrib (and other sources) easily.
20:00:29 <yang_> ok great
20:00:37 <yang_> So I download it from here for now https://raw.githubusercontent.com/munin-monitoring/contrib/master/plugins/network/quagga_routes
20:01:28 <yang_> Also has the "sensehat" for Raspberry PI plugin been added to contrib ?
20:03:15 <sumpfralle4> regarding sensehat: someone has to prepare a pull request and work on the (probably) required improvements, before it can be included.
20:03:36 <sumpfralle4> Feel free to work on this - I am not aware in anyone working on this at the moment.
20:06:45 <yang_> Oh no, I am not a coder
20:06:54 <yang_> I think it works for me
20:14:08 * h01ger waves
20:14:38 * sumpfralle4 cheers back
20:18:03 <sumpfralle4> I think, we are done for today. Hapy hacking!
20:18:05 <sumpfralle4> #endmeeting