19:30:17 <sumpfralle4> #startmeeting
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19:30:33 <sumpfralle4> It is time again for our weekly IRC meeting. Welcome!
20:10:21 <sumpfralle4> TheSnide: do you have opinions regarding #1261 and #1263?
20:11:09 <sumpfralle4> I would like to include these into stable-2.0 and then we could release it again. (for now there are only two tiny improvements)
20:46:22 <TheSnide> hi
20:47:05 <TheSnide> lets do that
20:51:36 <h01ger> seeing the commits in stable-2.0 since 2.0.52 release in november, i wonder if its time for 2.0.53 now?
20:51:56 <h01ger> 2.999.14 is from july 2019, so i think its also time for a new release
20:52:00 * h01ger goes afk now
21:12:06 <sumpfralle4> TheSnide: I pushed 2.0.53 with the changes now. Feel free to upload it ...
21:12:08 <sumpfralle4> #endmeeting