19:42:15 <sumpfralle2> #startmeeting
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19:42:34 <sumpfralle2> Just another Wednesday evening - let us start with our weekly IRC meeting.
19:42:40 <sumpfralle2> Please share your thoughts!
19:44:15 <be0rn> I don't have any, but I'm here :-)
19:50:12 <TheSnide> hi
19:52:01 <sumpfralle2> Currently I am trying to fix autoconf problems of the plugins in the munin repository.
19:52:43 <sumpfralle2> I have a bit of problems with conditional imports of perl modules. But I will need to dig a bit deeper, I guess.
19:52:45 <TheSnide> i am adding tests for html and graph
19:52:54 <sumpfralle2> cool!
19:54:04 <sumpfralle2> I noticed, the "munindoc" is now called "munin-doc" in the master branch.
19:54:28 <sumpfralle2> I think, I will add a symlink (or similar) to the stable-2.0 branch soon, in order to ease migration for user.
19:54:29 <sumpfralle2> s
19:54:41 <TheSnide> yep
19:55:25 <sumpfralle2> Sadly the build system in stable-2.0 feels a bit more challenging, than the one in master. I hope, I will get around that without too many cries of frustration :)
19:56:08 <TheSnide> well. we couls also focus together on 3.0
19:57:42 <TheSnide> as, i'd really aim for 3.0 to be in buster+1
19:57:46 <sumpfralle2> I have to admit, that I like our current split of tasks, since I am really not eager to dig much deeper into perl :(
19:58:12 <TheSnide> and everything that is done for 2.0 might be wasted efforta
19:58:39 <TheSnide> well, you could focus on testing 3.0
19:59:38 <sumpfralle2> I see your point, but I feel much more comfortable with the plugin maintenance and development, than munin itself.
20:01:36 <sumpfralle2> I have to admit, that I felt almost offended by the complexity of conditional module imports in perl. This feels a bit like lua's approach of thousands of suitable (or unsuitable) ways for reaching trivial goals. This stresses me quite a bit.
20:02:24 <sumpfralle2> I know, that you are striving to improve the situation, but there are limits (defined by the language), I guess.
20:03:28 <sumpfralle2> I do not intend to talk us into a different language/platform. I just want to state, where are my limits of expertise (and interest).
20:22:41 <sumpfralle2> "state my" -> "describe my"
20:23:14 <sumpfralle2> Anyway: I think, I will continue working on 2.0, since my changes usually flow up to master. Only a small subset it 2.0-specific.
20:23:46 <sumpfralle2> But I would be happy about munin 3.0 to be released out to the masses :)
20:49:44 <TheSnide> oh, i think that Perl is awrsome. but its lack of "one good way" is what killed it.
20:50:37 <TheSnide> and in that respect, while i dislike python, it got that thing perfectly right
20:51:26 <TheSnide> ... which is why i try to write C-like perl code in munin 3.0
20:52:19 <TheSnide> with as little perl idioms as possible. only using some when it add to readability for newbies
20:53:14 <TheSnide> which is _precisely_ why i would be glad if you could look into the master bramch
20:54:03 <TheSnide> and complain loudely if you dont understand something. since it means i failed to make it crystal clear.
20:54:20 <sumpfralle2> you are trying very hard :)
20:55:46 <sumpfralle2> Of course, I cannot refuse such a call.
21:06:32 <sumpfralle2> Regarding 3.0: I just merged the latest 2.0 releases into the branch. Do you have something specific on your list before you publish another release?
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21:43:28 <sumpfralle2> Let's finish the meeting for today.
21:43:30 <sumpfralle2> #endmeeting