18:35:36 <sumpfralle1> #startmeeting
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18:35:50 <sumpfralle1> It is Wednesday evening again - time for another weekly IRC meeting!
18:36:32 <sumpfralle1> If you want to share or discuss something related to munin: this is your time ...
18:44:59 <bcg> 2.0.60 with logging fix, please? (issue #1307)
18:45:32 <sumpfralle1> yes, I am late with that - sorry. Tomorrow will be the day.
19:14:29 <TheSnide> hi
19:25:17 <sumpfralle1> hello TheSnide!
19:26:23 <TheSnide> nothing much to say for me
19:27:49 <sumpfralle1> Almost the same for me.
19:29:23 <sumpfralle1> I was happy to see contributions for plugins for coturn and jitsi towards the contrib repository. The effects of the virus are everywhere :)
19:39:37 <sumpfralle1> #endmeeting