18:31:29 <sumpfralle3> #startmeeting
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18:31:44 <sumpfralle3> It is Wednesday evening again: time for our weekly IRC meeting.
18:32:04 <sumpfralle3> If you have something to share or discuss regarding munin - this is your time ...
18:32:36 <sumpfralle3> Before anyone asks: yes, I am guilty for not publishing another 2.0 release. I am working on this now ...
18:45:35 <TheSnide> jtsage: btw, did you look at the munin 2.999 new templates ? demo at http://demo.mm0.eu/
18:45:57 <TheSnide> woops. hi all (for the meeting)
18:46:16 <TheSnide> sumpfralle3: let's also release a 2.999 ?
18:47:47 <sumpfralle3> 2.999: yes, please, tomorrow after I merged my release into master ....
18:48:17 <TheSnide> +1
18:48:33 <sumpfralle3> Regarding templates: would we distribute alternative templates in the munin repository or only in contrib?
18:49:10 <TheSnide> alternative templates, better keep those in contrib.
18:49:29 <TheSnide> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/contrib/tree/master/templates
18:50:03 <sumpfralle3> I was thinking for a few seconds about the approach I would recommend to users who want to switch to a different template. I think, it would require just a download and a change of the "tmpldir" configuration setting.
18:50:11 <TheSnide> and the munstrap was added https://github.com/munin-monitoring/contrib/tree/master/templates/munstrap
18:50:24 <sumpfralle3> yes, sounds good to me
18:50:49 <TheSnide> well, if we start to ship alt tempates, it would mean 2 things :
18:51:05 <TheSnide> 1. licensing has to be sorted out
18:51:12 <TheSnide> 2. support has to be provided
18:51:43 <TheSnide> .. now those aren't really difficult to tackle.
18:52:09 <TheSnide> as, 1. could be done via a regular PR from the original author that has a compatible license.
18:52:35 <sumpfralle3> I do not have a clear goal in mind here - I was just contemplating the idea.
18:52:39 <sumpfralle3> 2. is tricky :)
18:52:42 <TheSnide> and for 2. well, we don't have a _huge_ support of the regular templates. but at least we have some.
18:53:04 <TheSnide> and, i don't really want to increase our testing combinatory
18:53:19 <TheSnide> so, contrib feels a perfect place.
18:53:32 <sumpfralle3> I could imagine, that I would add support for template download into "munin-get". This would probably make it easy enough for everyone.
18:53:58 <TheSnide> ... now, we can surely provide an easy tool to swith the official template to one of those in contrib. but that also means "some work & time".
18:54:31 <TheSnide> which I won't be able to do. So i won't stop anyone, but I won't ask anyone either :p
18:54:47 <sumpfralle3> understood :)
18:57:04 <TheSnide> As I said earlier, I managed to craft a very nice dev env via Docker in master
18:58:09 <TheSnide> so, anyone wanting to get his hands on the code is very welcome. It's now very easy.
18:58:43 <TheSnide> And, as I said before also, the code should be super readable, even if written in Perl.
19:03:37 <sumpfralle3> I am looking forward to shift my attention to munin 3 in the near future.
19:04:35 <sumpfralle3> btw: did you take a look at #619? Did you improve the munin-async communication in this regard for munin 3.0?
19:05:41 <jtsage> TheSnide - I glanced.  I assumed there is a fair bit of tweaking I'll need ot do
19:08:48 <jtsage> also, just wrapping up now.  I'll do a PR in a day or two: https://jtsage.dev/munin-demo/
19:08:59 <jtsage> (static, hostnames redacted, zoom disabled)
19:10:18 <sumpfralle3> jtsage: just a quick note - on the node level the "Open all" and "Close all" links seem to be malformed
19:10:32 <sumpfralle3> the rest looks fine to me
19:12:18 <sumpfralle3> oh: and the "search" form does not reload the page
19:14:33 <jtsage> yeah, i'm happy with how it redirects yet - it'll do it on unfocus.  at least, it's supposed to.  but selecting the dropdown probably should
19:14:39 <jtsage> er, not happy
19:16:28 <sumpfralle3> there is always something :)
19:16:44 <TheSnide> sumpfralle3: anyway... that's it for me
19:21:26 <sumpfralle3> TheSnide: no comment regarding #619? :(
19:23:35 <TheSnide> https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/619 ?
19:26:59 <bcg> Related to #619: With asyncd, if node has lot of history data to transfer (some days) and network link is slow (3G), master times out while transferring the data. Enabling ssh compression improves this.
19:27:53 <TheSnide> yeah, but the asyncd should only send a limited number of samples
19:36:16 <bcg> When has this changed to 2.0 series? It's been a while since I've been using it without compression and I got that problem multiple times...
19:36:31 <bcg> "a while" = some years
19:41:30 <bcg> some years = since 2013
20:01:47 <TheSnide> #endmeeting
20:02:34 <TheSnide> sumpfralle3: I have to look at it. Maybe write a test on that.
20:03:36 <sumpfralle3> #endmeeting