18:30:58 <sumpfralle1> #startmeeting
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18:31:10 <sumpfralle1> It is Wednesday again: time for our weekly IRC meeting ...
18:31:23 <sumpfralle1> Please speak up, if you want to share or discuss something around munin.
18:31:38 * sumpfralle1 is *really* doing the release right now ...
18:49:26 <jtsage> sumpfralle1: a bit of both.  What actually keeps killing me is I hit up the munin source code, find what I'm looking for in a real neat package, and immediatly realize I'm in the master branch, not the 2.0-stable branch where my answer would be useful to me right now :)
18:51:28 <sumpfralle1> yes, this is a bit tricky - sorry
18:52:30 <sumpfralle1> and really: if you think, it would be a good amount of work to be done in munin 2.0, if it already exists in munin 3 (master), then just skip this and use a copy/fork.
18:53:14 <sumpfralle1> "if it" -> "while it"
18:53:28 <TheSnide> hi!
18:55:35 <TheSnide> jtsage: bah, just bite the bullet and go 2.999 :p
18:55:38 * h01ger waves
18:56:35 <jtsage> hahaha.  I have considered it :)
18:56:52 <TheSnide> nothing much from me. I'm about to decimate our coverage (-21%)
18:57:27 <TheSnide> (once I figured out which is the one that still makes the tests fail)
18:58:34 <TheSnide> ah. oops. my bad.
19:20:51 <sumpfralle1> "decimate coverage" :)
19:22:20 <TheSnide> yep, will go from 70-ish to 50%-ish
20:42:37 <sumpfralle1> #endmeeting