18:50:22 <sumpfralle3> #startmeeting
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18:50:32 <sumpfralle3> Indeed - our Wednesday meeting may start ....
18:50:37 <sumpfralle3> (a bit late, sorry)
18:51:05 <TheSnide> oh, I won't nitpick, as I'm usually _super_ late
18:51:14 <sumpfralle3> :)
18:51:34 <sumpfralle3> I was distracted by pushing my last commits for the long, long, long overdue 2.0 release. I am just waiting for the tests to finish, before tagging it.
18:51:36 <TheSnide> ... also I don't have much to say. I'm currently debugging dynazoom in 2.999
18:51:54 <sumpfralle3> the frontend part?
18:53:39 <travis-ci> munin-monitoring/munin (stable-2.0 - 3a5b759 : Lars Kruse): The build was broken.
18:53:39 <travis-ci> Build details: https://travis-ci.org/munin-monitoring/munin/builds/678297276
18:53:51 <TheSnide> yep
18:54:22 <sumpfralle3> was it done with custom javascript? (I never looked at it)
18:55:09 <TheSnide> yes, the zooming one
18:55:17 <TheSnide> some parts are broken
18:55:48 <TheSnide> the "click click click" works. But when you try to specify a date in the textbox it doesn't.
19:01:32 <sumpfralle3> In my browser's developer console I see this: Failed to add shortcut on window frame 0: SecurityError: Permission denied to access property "addEventListener" on cross-origin object
19:01:46 <sumpfralle3> Could this be related to the event listener attached to the date entry field?
19:15:54 <TheSnide> maybe. I'm rather bad at HTML5 dev
19:17:44 <sumpfralle3> same for me :)
19:20:42 <sumpfralle3> I just asked a friend: he did not see the above error message in firefox 75 and in chromium. I see it here on firefox 68. On chromium the update of the timestamp works (after klinking on "update").
19:21:01 <sumpfralle3> "clicking"
19:25:12 <sumpfralle3> bah - maybe forget everything I said. I saw this only on one of my munin servers. And there the update of timestamps works. I was sure, it failed to work a few minutes ago ...
19:28:13 <sumpfralle3> I just tagged the 2.0.60 release.
19:47:34 <TheSnide> released
19:49:23 <sumpfralle3> great!
19:51:12 <sumpfralle3> 9.  #alioth            │                     | 18:30 UTC (summer)
20:01:23 <sumpfralle3> #endmeeting