18:41:01 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:41:08 <TheSnide> #chair sumpfralle3
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18:41:16 <TheSnide> #chair h01ger
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18:41:24 <TheSnide> Hi all!
18:41:32 <h01ger> o/
18:41:39 <TheSnide> Another wednesday. Another weekly.
18:42:16 <TheSnide> So. life is slowly going back to a closer-to-normal schedule
18:42:21 <TheSnide> (at least here)
18:42:36 <h01ger> here too
18:43:05 <TheSnide> I therefore would like to aim for a 3.0 release for the eDC20.
18:43:38 <TheSnide> Nothing much in that date in particular. Just that it sets a goal.
18:44:35 <TheSnide> I guess if 3.0 is out in August 2020, it's in a good shape of entering buster+1.
18:45:08 <TheSnide> #info 3.0 release date objective is August 2020.
18:45:17 <h01ger> eDC20?
18:45:23 <TheSnide> eDebConf20
18:45:35 <h01ger> ah, ok, virtual debconf :)
18:46:19 <TheSnide> yeah. i'm still stuck in the 00s with the e- prefix :-D
18:47:27 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will make a list of must-haves for 3.0, that shall be done by end of June.
18:47:54 <TheSnide> don't worry : the "shall be done" is mostly "by me".
18:48:24 <h01ger> :)
18:49:12 <TheSnide> I started way too many things, that I have cull things that will never be ready. and finish the ones that can.
18:50:16 <h01ger> dont we all?
18:57:34 <TheSnide> yeah, but it has gone to crazy levels since 6 months or so.
18:58:23 <TheSnide> the 2 majors stuff still not working properly in 3.0 are CDEF & limits.
18:59:18 <TheSnide> CDEF, is a no-brainer. But limits, I'm wondering if there's that many users of it left.
18:59:55 <TheSnide> #action TheSnide will send a poll in the ML to see which features are still used.
19:00:29 <TheSnide> ... and will be a reality check that noone uses munin anymore, but just hangs around for the nostalgia :-d
19:02:28 <TheSnide> Also, I think that PostgreSQL will be the default DB in munin 3.0. But SQLite will remain supported.
19:03:00 <TheSnide> that doesn't change much for users, but I'd encourage packagers to provide a psql config out-of-the-box.
19:03:39 <kenyon> what do you mean users of limits? almost all plugins use limits, right?
19:04:24 <TheSnide> as, even with the pgsql overhead, it is less taxing than SQLite. The SQLite install is much simpler to manage, that said.
19:04:50 <TheSnide> kenyon: yeah, but who has alerting configured?
19:06:54 <kenyon> I have emails sent when limits are breached
19:08:00 <kenyon> contact.email.command mail -s "Munin notification for ${var:host}" root
19:09:04 <kenyon> maybe most people are using something else for alerting, but I don't have nagios or similar set up, so munin's alerts are good enough
19:12:34 <TheSnide> kenyon: ok, sounds good enough for me.
19:13:06 <TheSnide> so, 2 topics for 3.0 :p
19:19:28 <TheSnide> that's all for me.
19:21:45 <bcg> limits are mandatory for me.
19:27:56 <TheSnide> bcg: +1
19:28:20 <TheSnide> #endmeeting