19:11:27 <sumpfralle> #startmeeting
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19:12:00 <sumpfralle> This is a late Wednesday evening meeting, but it shall happen anyway ...
19:12:31 <sumpfralle> Today I will go through the recent activities on github (which I neglected during the last week) and prepare a 2.0.64.
19:22:49 <TheSnide> Today I'll plan to do a 2.999 release that I missed last week.
19:24:10 <TheSnide> ... btw, does anyone know how to _exclude_ commits from `git shortlog`
19:32:45 <sumpfralle> For 2.0 releases I use the following:
19:32:48 <sumpfralle> shortlog=$(git log --pretty=short --no-merges "${old}.." | git shortlog)
19:32:54 <sumpfralle> This removes merges.
19:33:13 <sumpfralle> If there are unwanted entries, then I remove them manually from the Changelog file afterwards.
19:33:16 <sumpfralle> Was that your point?
20:18:57 <TheSnide> i don't want to list the commits that comes from the stable-2.0 branch
20:38:06 <sumpfralle> I think the following could be suitable?
20:38:08 <sumpfralle> git log --pretty=short --no-merges "2.999.14.." --not stable-2.0 | git shortlog
20:39:34 <sumpfralle> close to a hundred commits - time for a release :)
21:16:16 <sumpfralle> #endmeeting