18:42:10 <sumpfralle3> #startmeeting
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18:42:25 <TheSnide> hi
18:42:35 <sumpfralle3> It is Wednesday: time for our weekly IRC meeting - if you want to share or discuss something - this is your time ...
18:42:40 <TheSnide> #info 2.999.15 is out ;)
18:42:43 <sumpfralle3> yeah!
18:43:15 <sumpfralle3> I noticed, that the previous release was *almost* one year ago - so it is a good revival :)
18:45:02 <TheSnide> yep
18:49:57 <sumpfralle3> I did not release 2.0.64 last week due to the open discussion regarding the munin-run issues. Now I will finish this ...
19:13:19 <TheSnide> not much more from my side
20:37:00 <sumpfralle3> smame for me - I will tell you, when I tagged the release ...
20:37:02 <sumpfralle3> #endmeeting