18:40:36 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:40:44 <TheSnide> #chair sumpfralle4
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18:40:50 <TheSnide> hi all.
18:41:13 <TheSnide> nothing much happening on my side :'(
18:43:00 <sumpfralle4> It is still late summer with lots of free time :)
18:43:15 <sumpfralle4> I progressed a bit further with the plugin gallery.
18:43:52 <sumpfralle4> And I contacted dipohl and asked her for her opinion. She expressed happiness with the changes and welcomes these.
18:44:13 <TheSnide> I'm actually having *less* time in summer.
18:44:33 <TheSnide> awesome! (dipohl happiness)
18:44:59 <sumpfralle4> I meant it in the way of "free" -> "things with people" -> "not usable for munin". Anyway :)
18:45:12 <TheSnide> aha.
18:45:15 <TheSnide> same here ;)
18:45:25 <sumpfralle4> yes, just as me she felt the immediate urge to clean up some categories, keywords and so on :)
18:46:05 <TheSnide> "clean up some categories" is always a good idea IMHO. As it will group more
18:46:05 <sumpfralle4> So I would publish it on the "new" host, provided by linpro - correct?
18:46:20 <TheSnide> oh, yeah. We have to orchestrate that move also.
18:46:41 <TheSnide> even the dmm0 should be moved i think. as the old is ... old.
18:46:55 <sumpfralle4> I would just prepare the gallery there and then you would change the DNS.
18:47:05 <sumpfralle4> The rest of dm0 is the next step, I guess :)
18:47:18 <TheSnide> i did activate http/2 on dmm0 lately, and it improve the response time rather nicely.
18:47:26 <sumpfralle4> Do you have root access to that VM? (I think, you have - but maybe you should check)
18:48:46 <sumpfralle4> http/2: that *should* enforce HTTPS, or am I wrong?
18:49:06 <sumpfralle4> (I think, we are still lacking this modern detail ...)
18:49:22 <sumpfralle4> But I guess it is fine to do this when moving over to the linpro host.
19:01:54 <TheSnide> i think i do, but didn't check since a while
19:05:14 <TheSnide> btw, dmm0 does crash regularly nowadays, as /usr/bin/apt-show-versions takes upto 200 MiB of RSS (and the server only has 492M)
19:05:33 <be0rn> I can try to do something about that tomorrow
19:06:23 <TheSnide> be0rn: increasing the RAM isn't the solution ;)
19:06:31 <be0rn> Oh
19:06:41 <be0rn> If only we had some graphs to prove it...
19:07:02 <sumpfralle4> the linpro host has 4 GB - the problem is only on the old host, I guess?
19:07:57 <TheSnide> http://demo.munin-monitoring.org/munin-monitoring.org/demo.munin-monitoring.org/memsimple.html
19:08:02 <TheSnide> yeap
19:08:35 <TheSnide> that's why i said to be0rn "ram increase...."
19:08:42 <be0rn> Ack :-)
19:09:24 <TheSnide> aha... apt-show-versions seems outside our realm
19:09:51 <TheSnide> aaaaand https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=943537
19:15:16 <sumpfralle4> anyway: we are moving. Mysteries of dmm0 will turn into tales of the past :)
19:19:38 <kenyon> heh, I use apt-show-versions all the time but never noticed its memory usage. I wonder how apt list --upgradable compares.
19:21:31 <kenyon> err, I pretty much only use apt-show-versions --upgradeable
19:21:37 <TheSnide> sumpfralle4: there's 2 pg server running, a 9.6 & a 11 one on dmm0
19:21:53 <kenyon> yeah, apt looks like it uses much less memory
19:22:12 <sumpfralle4> TheSnide: I will fix this (finishing the upgrade, I guess)
19:22:14 <TheSnide> i guess someone did an upgrade, but left some unwashed plates ;p
19:22:26 <sumpfralle4> yes, you caught me :)
19:23:47 <TheSnide> sumpfralle4: also, it's the 9.6 that is used by munin ...
19:24:47 <TheSnide> psql (11.7 (Debian 11.7-0+deb10u1), server 9.6.19)
19:24:55 <TheSnide> anyway...
19:24:58 <TheSnide> #endmeeting