18:53:41 <sumpfralle1> #startmeeting
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18:54:04 <sumpfralle1> It is Wednesday evening again - time for our weekly IRC meeting.
18:54:18 <sumpfralle1> If you want to share or discuss something related to munin - this is your time ...
18:55:22 <sumpfralle1> TheSnide: did you already enable external actions on the munin-plugin-gallery repository?
18:55:47 <sumpfralle1> (this is the last step for the automation of the periodic rebuild of the gallery)
18:57:34 <TheSnide> sumpfralle1: yep
18:58:02 <TheSnide> ah. 3rd-party actions. no.
18:58:30 <TheSnide> now yes.
18:59:55 <sumpfralle1> Thanks.
19:00:10 <sumpfralle1> Should we switch to the new one now? I think, the DNS still points to the old one?
19:02:30 <TheSnide> yes
19:04:26 <sumpfralle1> yeah!
19:04:46 <sumpfralle1> I will send an announcement to the user list.
19:05:24 <TheSnide> can you make the switch, or should I?
19:07:57 * TheSnide just made the change. DNS is cached for 3h.
19:09:42 <TheSnide> sumpfralle1: btw, i don't see anything in https://gallery.munin-monitoring.org/categories/ ... i guess something is broken :'(
19:16:20 <sumpfralle1> I will take a look.
19:19:52 <h01ger> sumpfralle1: yes, i think so
19:20:00 <h01ger> TheSnide: if i had..
19:22:22 <TheSnide> did you try the "s/" trick?
19:23:59 <sumpfralle1> The second build failure was not related to tcp connections. Thus it is probably not an issue.
19:24:09 <sumpfralle1> Very weird.
19:24:32 <sumpfralle1> After another failure of the retry, I would join #debian-buildd and try to discuss it there.
19:38:14 <h01ger> retries need to be asked, cannot be done
19:38:21 <h01ger> i can only trigger with a new sourceful upload
19:39:39 <sumpfralle1> h01ger: isn't "giveback" this kind of asking? It seems to be appropriate to me here, since both build failures of practically identical uploads look completely unrelated.
19:54:41 <sumpfralle1> Let's end the meeting for now and discuss the details afterwards.
19:54:44 <sumpfralle1> #endmeeting