18:54:06 <sumpfralle2> #startmeeting
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18:54:22 <TheSnide> not much news on my side.
18:54:48 * TheSnide is debugging the CDEF handling in 2.999, as it does _not_ work at all.
18:55:36 <sumpfralle2> In fact, I once tried to dismantle the cdef processing in 2.0 a bit in order to make it testable, but I had problems doing this, if I remember correctly.
18:55:53 <sumpfralle2> Do you think, it is somehow testable (not nested too deep in other functions) in 3.0?
19:02:31 <TheSnide> it is very testable in 3.0, but still needs some brain cycles.
19:02:52 <TheSnide> At the end it should be very readable ;)
19:08:43 <sumpfralle2> yeah!
19:09:58 <sumpfralle2> Regarding the mm0.eu host: is it providing the hidden primary DNS service for the domain? Should we continue to provide this on our own?
19:10:27 <sumpfralle2> (I would feel just half-way competent to run that on my own)
19:15:16 <TheSnide> for DNS, i'm using the hosted one from Gandi for mm0.eu.
19:15:45 <sumpfralle2> Good. But what is the DNS thing, you mentioned?
19:15:56 <TheSnide> munin-monitoring.org
19:16:15 <sumpfralle2> ah - you just meant, that it serves the website and so on. OK.
19:16:20 <TheSnide> munin-monitoring.org.	857	IN	NS	ns-foo.linpro.net.
19:16:58 <TheSnide> munin-monitoring.org.   857 IN  NS  ns-foo.linpro.net.
19:17:01 <TheSnide> better ;)
19:17:41 <TheSnide> But, to be honest, I think that delegating that to a hosted one would also be fine.
19:18:00 <TheSnide> maybe be0rn has some clues on which one we could use @linpro
19:18:01 <sumpfralle2> sounds reasonable to me
19:18:28 <sumpfralle2> regarding the mail service: maybe we could also move this gandi?
19:18:35 <TheSnide> I guess for having a 3rd-party one we need to move the registrar
19:18:52 <sumpfralle2> the registrar is gandi, or?
19:19:09 <TheSnide> munin-monitoring.org is still owned by janl, and its registrar is easydns if I'm not mistaken.
19:19:56 <TheSnide> I have to ask him if he agrees to transfer the ownership, so I could merge both.
19:21:09 <sumpfralle2> sounds good. maybe gandi would be a good choice, since it allows to use "organizations" instead of individuals controlling a domain
19:22:13 <sumpfralle2> Summarizing:
19:22:23 <sumpfralle2> (1) DNS: move to external provider, if possible
19:22:34 <sumpfralle2> (2) trac: switch to new website
19:22:45 <sumpfralle2> (3) move to external provider, if possible
19:23:06 <sumpfralle2> TheSnide: I would take a look at (2) and you would communicate regarding (1) and (3)?
19:23:22 <sumpfralle2> Its end is near! :)
19:23:26 <TheSnide> 3. i suppose it's related to MTA?
19:23:55 <sumpfralle2> yes
19:24:00 <TheSnide> ok. will do
19:24:14 <sumpfralle2> great
19:24:25 <TheSnide> also, do we want to move the demo.mm0?
19:24:34 <TheSnide> i think it might make sense.
19:24:49 <sumpfralle2> I think, I already did/prepared this some time ago (to the linpro host).
19:24:58 <sumpfralle2> I would take a look at that again and finish it.
19:25:04 <TheSnide> But, I'd like too keep the RRDs. And the .pm are tweaked a little
19:25:15 <sumpfralle2> hehe :)
19:25:20 <TheSnide> --> I'm using it as a testbed prior the release ;p
19:25:21 <sumpfralle2> I will grab a copy.
19:25:30 <sumpfralle2> that's reasonable
19:25:37 <TheSnide> you might also want to grab the plugins there
19:25:48 <sumpfralle2> yes, it shall not change :)
19:26:00 <TheSnide> i think there are some endemic ones
19:26:22 <sumpfralle2> Regarding the linpro host: should we add thin virtualization (e.g. lxc). Or should everything go into the host itself?
19:26:44 <sumpfralle2> gallery, website and demo are probably not too complicated - thus one system should be ok
19:27:02 <sumpfralle2> demo is the only *close to complicated* thing, I guess
19:57:24 <TheSnide> lxc is fine, as it becomes then more portable
19:57:48 * TheSnide mostly knows about docker, not lxc.
20:48:04 <sumpfralle2> yes, slightly more portable, I guess.
20:48:08 <sumpfralle2> I will prepare it.
20:48:10 <sumpfralle2> #endmeeting