19:46:23 <sumpfralle2> #startmeeting
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19:46:54 <sumpfralle2> It is Wednesday evening again - time for the weekly IRC meeting ...
19:47:41 <sumpfralle2> TheSnide: I noticed, a PR for the master branch (a documentation typo, I think), but I lack permissions for merging it. So I guess, you will do that :)
19:55:33 <TheSnide> oh, yeah, will do
20:00:31 <TheSnide> which PR are you refering to?
20:11:35 <sumpfralle2> ah - I mixed it up: it was this issue: https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin/issues/1360
20:11:42 <sumpfralle2> But it refers to the website. I do it.
21:04:26 <sumpfralle2> #endmeeting