19:36:37 <sumpfralle3> #startmeeting
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19:36:52 <sumpfralle3> It is Wednesday evening again - time for our weekly IRC meeting ...
19:37:14 <sumpfralle3> If you want to share or discuss something related to munin: this is your time!
19:49:17 <sumpfralle3> I am just reviewing our last discussion regarding the move of the website (http://meetbot.debian.net/munin/2020/munin.2020-10-07-18.54.log.txt).
19:49:57 <sumpfralle3> I would like to get this done, before I go for my next toy project in munin: "munin-discover".
19:51:03 <sumpfralle3> It will allow to find hosts running munin-node in the local (or a specific different) network.
19:51:15 <sumpfralle3> But first the website, before the fun starts :)
20:00:19 * h01ger waves
20:06:00 <TheSnide> hi
20:06:25 <sumpfralle3> hello!
20:07:11 <sumpfralle3> TheSnide: I went through the above protocol and wanted to start with the task I took for myself (moving/replacing) the website.
20:07:32 <sumpfralle3> Did you already find the time to look at the registrar move of the domain?
20:16:27 <TheSnide> no, I didn't managed to contact janl
20:17:32 <sumpfralle3> but my website move is unrelated, thus you do not need to feel pressure ...
20:17:59 <TheSnide> indeed. but still
20:46:38 <sumpfralle3> #endmeeting