19:40:23 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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19:40:31 <TheSnide> #chair sumpfralle h01ger
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19:40:38 <TheSnide> Hi all!
19:41:23 <TheSnide> I'm back on dev munin ;)
19:41:50 <TheSnide> ... so far I managed to fix the CDEF handling for master (well, implement it more than fixit)
19:42:38 <TheSnide> and i'm currently merging all the relevant PR into munin-c. And will do a 0.0.15 release this week.
19:43:48 <sumpfralle> yeah - that sounds great!
19:44:24 <TheSnide> I also looked quickly a the .stack issue, and i have the impression that it doesn't work since 2.0 ...
19:44:44 <TheSnide> it worked in 1.4, but it was lost somewhere during the 2.0 era
19:44:47 <sumpfralle> My time will still be limited until friday, but then I will do another 2.0 release and clean up the debian packages.
19:45:37 <TheSnide> Note that now, the master CDEF works pretty much without sideffects. I mean, you can borrow any other field, any times in any combination.
19:45:48 <sumpfralle> Specifically for the cdef handling, some tests would be great. But I did not try this for 2.0, since you overhauled the tests for 3.0 anyway.
19:45:58 <sumpfralle> sounds great!
19:46:24 <TheSnide> that said, there's still no magic, as borrowing from another plugin won't work.
19:46:44 <TheSnide> I'm not sure we should allow that, but we actually could.
19:47:32 <TheSnide> The only thing that is hardcoded is the "," separator. One _cannot_ escape it. Even within a string constant for no<.
19:47:35 <TheSnide> now.
19:48:58 <sumpfralle> It sounds like you had fun :)
19:53:48 <TheSnide> indeed. more on it after the meeting. That's all for me.
19:59:06 <sumpfralle> same for me.
19:59:11 <sumpfralle> Happy hacking! :)
20:54:17 <TheSnide> thx
20:54:23 <TheSnide> #endmeeting