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20:36:41 <TheSnide> hi all!
20:37:29 <TheSnide> I worked on munin-c. putting it in a much better shape. it is now very much compatible with glibc, uClibc & musl.
20:38:06 <TheSnide> The node should also be working on *BSD.
20:39:22 <TheSnide> The plugins not yet, as they rely on the Linux procfs, and are not ported to sysctl(3).
20:39:51 <TheSnide> To be fair, the port to sysctl doesn't have high prio, as I don't have the HW to test it.
20:40:14 <TheSnide> Also, i merged the external_ plugin & its enhancements.
20:41:03 <TheSnide> It is a very simple plugin, that merely externalize everything to an outside service. It only reads a file and sends it.
20:41:21 <TheSnide> This is super useful to :
20:41:54 <TheSnide> 1. lower the privileges of the external_ plugin itself. Only the writing part needs to be privileged.
20:42:44 <TheSnide> 2. lower the load & increase the predictability of the plugin executions. As the external service is running asychronously.
20:43:53 <TheSnide> 3. does not mess with complex launching process. external_ was designed to run on win32 with cygwin, where it was very difficult to be able for node to launch a random plugin.
20:55:17 <TheSnide> #endmeeting