18:43:19 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:43:38 <TheSnide> #chair sumpfralle3 bcg__
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18:43:46 <TheSnide> Hi all!
18:43:54 <TheSnide> another week, another meeting.
18:44:21 <sumpfralle3> Yes, but sadly not too much from me again :(
18:44:34 <sumpfralle3> (it starts to become a pattern, but I will overcome it soon, I guess)
18:44:58 <TheSnide> Not so much things here either.
18:45:20 <TheSnide> that said, what is needed to move forward with the new website (that is already getting old)
18:46:59 <sumpfralle3> Serving: configuring it on the new host.
18:47:10 <sumpfralle3> Content/setup: review the build process and the content.
18:47:47 <sumpfralle3> I did not really take a look at it, but I could guess (very wildly), that maybe its structure/build process could be a bit dated now?
18:48:07 <sumpfralle3> I will take a look now before continueing to speculate without base ...
18:49:53 <TheSnide> the goal is :
18:50:10 <TheSnide> www.munin-monitoring.org being served from github pages
18:50:30 <TheSnide> demo.munin-monitoring.org being served from a new VM from linpro
18:50:58 <TheSnide> guide.munin-monitoring.org being served from readthedocs, as currently.
18:51:57 <TheSnide> on the git repo front, I'd say that we should keep travis-ci for now, and eventually migrate to gitub-actions later. As currently I'm rather statisfied with the travis install.
18:52:28 <TheSnide> and once the move is done, let's shutdown the old wiki & the old demo server.
18:53:27 <sumpfralle3> yes, I think the same.
18:54:16 <sumpfralle3> Regarding github pages: I do not know, whether they support custom domains. Otherwise we could easily use the same approach that I used for the gallery: auto-build via CI and update periodically based on the artifact.
18:54:44 <TheSnide> they do, at least i host my blog there https://blog.pwkf.org
18:55:10 <TheSnide> ah, and the gallery should also be hosted in github pages if possible.
18:56:29 <TheSnide> Also, i made sure that our website www.munin-monitoring.org is archived properly at https://web.archive.org/web/20200718020908/http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/Documentation
18:56:29 <sumpfralle3> You are welcome to change the gallery hosting. At the moment it is built via github actions and downloaded/updated daily (on the linpro VM).
18:56:40 <sumpfralle3> archive: great!
18:56:58 <sumpfralle3> Regarding the website build procedure: it uses jekyll, thus it is fine, I guess.
18:57:28 <TheSnide> yep, it was a wise move, in retrospect
18:58:12 <sumpfralle3> yes, I was just afraid, they were manually crafted html pages. I am glad, my pessimism turned out to be just wrong.
19:28:19 <bcg__> I will cherry pick some plugins from contrib to rhel8's munin-node.rpm. One example is stratis plugin, as that's optional filesystem in rhel8. Is that OK? Or should I create new munin-extra-plugins.rpm for those?
19:39:33 <sumpfralle3> bcg__: I think, this is fine.
21:18:44 <TheSnide> #endmeeting