18:38:03 <TheSnide> #startmeeting
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18:38:06 <TheSnide> Hi all!
18:38:15 <TheSnide> already that day & time in the week ;)
18:38:24 <TheSnide> #chair h01ger sumpfralle2
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18:39:09 <TheSnide> #info the new website was put online. Several hikups. Slowly solving them all.
18:40:11 <TheSnide> #topic new website
18:40:40 <TheSnide> So, it seems that the new website was designed with 3.0 in mind.
18:41:41 <TheSnide> Which makes sense as I always said that it should be live with 3.0.
18:42:03 <TheSnide> ... now, as I decided to uncouple both release, well... I have to adjust ;)
18:44:50 <TheSnide> I'm not super familiar with HTML5, which is the basis for some of the advanced pages, but it is way easier to tryout now ;)
18:45:26 <TheSnide> ... and every one can post a news there, just issue a PR to https://github.com/munin-monitoring/munin-monitoring.github.io
18:45:42 <TheSnide> #topic hackernews
18:46:13 <TheSnide> #info we made it to hackernews https://munin-monitoring.org/munin/website/2021/04/20/we-made-it-onto-hn.html
18:47:28 <TheSnide> Some valid concerns about the site, but interestingly a recurring pattern seems to be that our differentiators to other solutions are:
18:47:41 <TheSnide> 1. plugins (which I was aware)
18:47:50 <TheSnide> 2. static generation (which I overlooked).
18:48:49 * h01ger waves
18:48:55 <TheSnide> I was planning to only have blazing fast on-the-fly html & png generation in 3.0, but I think i'll add an option for static as well.
18:49:36 <TheSnide> it seems wasteful to me, specially every 5 min. But let's have it configurable via cron.
18:50:08 <TheSnide> Once it works, we can make it smarter to to regen anything that hasn't moved.
18:50:31 <TheSnide> ... which is now rather easy thanks to our SQL approach.
18:50:54 * TheSnide shivers at the thought of implementing that in 2.0 with the perl datastructure.
18:51:54 <TheSnide> #info static generation will still be in 3.0, even if absent for the moment in 2.999
18:52:11 <TheSnide> #topic 3.0
18:52:23 <TheSnide> Now, into the meat of the next version.
20:48:22 <systemdlete> TheSnide:  Thanks, I'll take a look at that.
20:49:17 <TheSnide> Left to implement is :
20:49:27 <TheSnide> 1. limits
20:49:39 <TheSnide> 2. therefore, alerting
20:50:13 <TheSnide> 3. some extended CDEF, with borrowing or SUM
20:50:27 <TheSnide> and
20:50:33 <TheSnide> 4. static generation
20:51:42 <TheSnide> I'm working on 4. first, as it doesn't extensive brain power, and i'd like to see the improvements from 2.0 to 3.0 when we need to generate the whole site.
20:52:15 <TheSnide> I don't expect them to be huge, as the cron generation was pretty efficient in 2.0
20:52:41 <TheSnide> but, as I saw the update part has improved a lot, let's see.
20:52:57 <TheSnide> and then we'll be feature complete. so it will be release time.
20:53:12 <TheSnide> so, that's it
20:53:19 <TheSnide> #endmeeting