16:59:18 <hellais> #startmeeting
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16:59:19 <simonv3> Hey all
16:59:40 <hellais> greetings!
16:59:45 <hellais> so who is here?
17:00:04 <nuke-> me
17:02:05 * sbs here!
17:03:13 <landers> here
17:04:18 * willscott here
17:05:52 <hellais> ok, so I guess we should get started as usual with some report backs of what happenned last week
17:07:21 <landers> i was working on / am still working on renaming all the reports according to the new scheme and making sure they all end up on the humboldt server and on S3
17:07:23 <landers> eof
17:09:19 <hellais> I made a considerable amount of progress on the web_connectivity test that is at this point all fleshed out. Inside that branch I also include changes to the dataformat to use JSON. We also merged the ooni-explorer and ooni-pipeline branches into master (the explorer is available at http://explorer.ooni.io/). We met in a call to discuss the feedback OTF gave to us for the proposal and did a bit of brainstorm
17:09:25 <hellais> ing of possible ways to make ooniprobe more stealth. EOF
17:09:47 <landers> s3 is lovely, by the way. a rename operation involves copying the entire file to the host you're running the command from, then copying it back to s3 under the new name, then deleting the original
17:10:29 <hellais> landers: I believe the copy should be done server side though, not locally. But it does sort of suck that there is no rename operation.
17:10:57 <landers> which server?
17:11:45 <hellais> landers: the s3 server side. At least that is what I read when I was looking into this some time ago.
17:12:08 <hellais> it may be that the library to speak to s3 does not implement it properly though
17:12:34 <landers> pretty sure the "aws cli" program was copying stuff locally and back
17:12:52 <landers> also pretty sure the s3 web interface was ferrying things through my laptop
17:13:14 <hellais> http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/RESTObjectCOPY.html
17:13:49 <hellais> this seems to claim that you can set the x-amz-copy-source and it will do it internally
17:13:58 <landers> i didn't look into it, but the time it took to complete was consistent with a 300gb round-trip
17:16:19 <willscott> I made progress on extracting interference from the satellite data last week -> http://satellite.cs.washington.edu/iran/ EOF
17:18:34 <hellais> willscott: good stuff! Is the spike in October due to some policy changes in Iran in your opinion?
17:19:41 <willscott> i think so
17:20:19 <hellais> The data collected with OONI also seems to confirm that. There are 130 blocked domains on 4/17/15
17:20:30 <hellais> and then 221 on 12/19/15
17:21:43 <hellais> willscott: is there a simple way to access the list of blocked domains?
17:28:15 <landers> amendment re: s3 web interface: it's not sending all the data through my browser, but maybe just lists of files
17:31:49 <simonv3> I got a chance to talk bnvk last week and we agreed to wait to divvy up the stuff that still needs to happen on the explorer till he had some time to explore it all a bit better and get a better gauge on how busy he might be. I also did some doodling for possible iconography
17:33:13 <willscott> hellais: they're json files loaded by that page. like: http://satellite.cs.washington.edu/iran/data/01-25-2016.json
17:47:41 <hellais> willscott: thanks!
17:49:35 <hellais> sbs, nuke-: are there any things you would like to talk about say from the measurement-kit/mobile realm?
17:51:48 <sbs> hellais: yep
17:52:27 <sbs> I released another minor release with fixes (https://github.com/measurement-kit/measurement-kit/releases/tag/v0.1.2) and now focusing on the next one, which will include Tor support
17:53:14 <sbs> It would be great to test the apps with the new minor release
17:53:26 <sbs> Will discuss this with nuke- out of band
17:53:27 <sbs> EOF
17:55:23 <hellais> ok great. Unless there is more to be discussed I would say we move into the next steps.
17:56:47 <landers> continue migrating to this new naming scheme EOF
17:57:05 <hellais> I will mainly continue work on the web_connectivity test and relative test-helper. Hopefully by the end of this week we will have the normalised reports online. EOF
17:58:29 <nuke-> I guess will be more appropriate to discuss the measurement-kit/mobile next week or directly in Valencia.
17:58:34 <nuke-> I will be there 99%
17:58:41 <hellais> nuke-: that is great news!
18:09:28 <hellais> I guess if there is nothing more to be added we can end this only 10 minutes after time. Thank you all very much for attending and until next time!
18:09:31 <hellais> #endmeeting