16:59:45 <hellais> #startmeeting
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16:59:51 <hellais> so people let's get this started
16:59:54 <hellais> who is here?
17:00:36 * willscott waves
17:01:07 <anadahz> hi
17:01:26 * sbs is here!
17:01:36 <landers> here
17:01:45 * bnvk is here
17:03:39 <bnvk> i'll go first, not much to report, just getting into issues Art and I created a couple weeks ago will have made progress by next week!
17:03:43 * agrabeli is here too
17:04:15 <bnvk> need to talk to simonv3 about which things he's finishing up / doing
17:04:22 <bnvk> EOF
17:05:19 <landers> i didn't do much; just some data janitor stuff EOF
17:05:22 <sbs> helped with OONI proposal; worked to integrate tor to MK (helpfully nearly done) EOF
17:05:32 <simonv3> Here
17:05:57 <simonv3> bnvk: can talk now too :)
17:06:08 <hellais> I worked on 1) Reviewing and merging the Open Rights Group message queue branch into master. ooni-probe now has support for being instrumented on which URLs to test using RabbitMQ. 2) Cleaning up the ooni-pipeline branch and getting it into master
17:06:25 <agrabeli> I also helped a bit with the OONI proposal, and with a bit of editing of the main ooni doc page
17:06:54 <hellais> 3) Publishing the most recent measurements on ooni.torproject.org/reports (note: http_requests and tls_handshake are missing due to an embarassing bug, but should be online soon) 4) Finalising and submitting the OTF proposal
17:06:57 <bnvk> simonv3: ok, will follow up in side chat
17:07:40 <hellais> 5) Started to sketch out what needs to be done to implement https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/32 EOF
17:07:58 <anadahz> not much from my side: look at some PRs did some small fixes and working to get psiphon test running on a server
17:08:01 <anadahz> EOF
17:08:14 <bnvk> hellais: nice!
17:11:30 <hellais> so are there some things people would like to discuss/talk about?
17:12:51 <dcf3> Someone was asking about downloading OONI reports.
17:13:04 <dcf3> api.ooni.io seems gone; is explorer.ooni.io the new place to get them?
17:14:41 <simonv3> dcf3: yeah, explorer is the new api
17:15:06 <simonv3> but hellais, maybe that should have a 301 forwarder?
17:15:19 <dcf3> Okay, http://explorer.ooni.io/api/reports is timing out for me, is that just because it's beta?
17:16:15 <simonv3> dcf3 try: explorer.ooni.io/explorer/reports
17:16:51 <simonv3> I’m not sure ‘api/reports/ is a valid route
17:17:04 <dcf3> explorer.ooni.io/explorer/reports is 404.
17:17:29 <simonv3> oh huh, sorry, it’s http://explorer.ooni.io/explorer/
17:17:32 <simonv3> and then you select reports
17:19:00 <simonv3> (so apparently it’s http://explorer.ooni.io/explorer/#!/reports/find)
17:19:35 <simonv3> also, for actual downloading, check out the link that hellais shared earlier: https://ooni.torproject.org/reports/
17:19:45 <dcf3> Okay thanks.
17:25:38 <hellais> dcf3: if you require batch download it's probably recommended that you download the JSONs directly from https://ooni.torproject.org/reports/, the api endpoint at http://explorer.ooni.io/api/reports is more useful (and faster) when you need to perform filtering on the reports. It takes a query parameter called filter (api/reports?filter={"where": {"test_name": "$SOMETHING", "probe_cc": "ALPHA2"}, "offset": 0,
17:25:45 <hellais> "limit": 100}).
17:27:15 <dcf3> hellais: I guess there's no public YAML data anymore?
17:27:46 <dcf3> Thanks for updating me about ooni.torproject.org/reports. I looked at that a few days ago (I think) and it didn't have any recent reports, but now it does.
17:29:02 <dcf3> PS Oonitarians, I don't know if anyone's posted this yet, here's a paper that used OONI to measure web servers blocking Tor users.
17:29:06 <dcf3> http://sec.cs.ucl.ac.uk/users/smurdoch/papers/ndss16doyousee.pdf
17:29:19 <dcf3> The OONI stuff begins in Section V.
17:29:28 <hellais> dcf3: correct. We have changed the data format to JSON. There are also some slight changes to the test specific formats themselves that should hopefully make it easier to parse them. The new specification is in this branch: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-spec/pull/49/files
17:30:39 <hellais> dcf3: thanks for the link to the paper. I had seen read the post you sent to ooni-dev and read some of the code in the repository, but haven't read the paper.
17:37:34 <hellais> so if there is nothing else I would say we move into the next steps.
17:39:23 <hellais> This week I will not be working that much, though I plan to manage to get the missing reports published and perhaps do a bit of work for importing the domain intelligence data into the database. EOF
17:42:07 <landers> nichts hier EOF
17:44:18 <agrabeli> I will have a look at the content with hellais this week and see if we should make some changes (add new content, edits, etc.)
17:48:13 <sbs> will continue to work on Tor integration into MK -- EOF
17:51:57 <anadahz> still on travelling mode not sure if i can work much EOF
17:53:55 <MightyOctopus> [13ooni-backend] 15hellais pushed 2 new commits to 06feature/json: 02https://git.io/vgH1t
17:53:55 <MightyOctopus> 13ooni-backend/06feature/json 14c224a36 15Arturo Filastò: More consistency changes and debugging
17:53:55 <MightyOctopus> 13ooni-backend/06feature/json 146e6f685 15Arturo Filastò: Add report_id to filepath
18:00:38 <hellais> ok well I think that does it then. Thank you all for attending. ciao!
18:00:41 <hellais> #endmeeting