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17:00:53 <hellais> so who is here?
17:01:04 <landers> here
17:01:40 <bnvk> here
17:02:26 * sbs waves
17:04:34 <hellais> excellent, so what have you been up to last week?
17:04:50 <agrabeli> hi
17:06:12 <sbs> well, I worked to integrate tor into MK and have not finished yet (and I've not programmed a bot to say that every week :-) EOF
17:07:14 <landers> i started looking into the PRs that replace YAML with JSON in ooni-{probe,backend}. gonna start doing real work on it this week EOF
17:08:08 <bnvk> I worked on overall UX improvements to the homepage and map widget, and I started making icons for the interface as speced out based on simonv3 drawings EOF
17:08:53 <agrabeli> I created this issue: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-web/issues/36. It's a draft on restructuring the content pages on the ooni website
17:09:08 <agrabeli> feedback/thoughts from you guys would be appreciated! :)
17:09:13 <hellais> I worked on fixing some issues with the probe we have in Iran. Looked at the measurements we have gotten from Uganda that confirmed the blocking of facebook, twitter and youtube (http://explorer.ooni.io/measurement/iLMd7HOMzhqumD6jrij6JLynSexh1veYSfLfsADnltyMW3texC6GKgFeULkDwzzN?input=http:%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com). Found some bugs in ooni-probe and applied hot fixes to them. Did a bit of reversing of the psip
17:09:19 <hellais> hon client to generate a valid server_list.
17:09:23 <agrabeli> and I worked with hellais on creating a roadmap for the next ~12 months
17:12:31 <simonv3> Hey all, I did some work on the “websites” route and pages for the ooni-explorer: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/pull/40, next steps is deciding what kind of extra information we want on those pages. Metadata here: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/31
17:13:06 <simonv3> I was having some issues getting the alexa ranking, which we can do by querying the Alexa db, but a) that’s rate limited and b) cross-site request blocking
17:13:09 <simonv3> EOF
17:14:46 <simonv3> agrabeli: I think your restructuring of the content pages for ooni-web is relevant to explorer as well - especially the “let’s put this in front of not-familiar people and see what they think" issue: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/37
17:15:39 <agrabeli> simonv3: indeed
17:16:14 <bnvk> agrabeli: that site structure looks pretty good to me! Re: the "highlights" as pulled from Explorer, were you thinking just a simple list that links to the highlight in the Explorer?
17:16:29 <agrabeli> yes, more or less
17:16:40 <bnvk> cool
17:16:44 <agrabeli> the idea was to pull out some highlights from the explorer, but to also add some text for context
17:16:58 <agrabeli> also i suggested that perhaps the highlights could be yearly?
17:17:07 <agrabeli> though hellais expressed some reasonable concers about that
17:17:15 <agrabeli> *concerns
17:18:20 <agrabeli> (that it might mislead users into thinking that, for example, there was x censorship in russia in 2011, whereas not in 2012 - while that might be due to not enough measurements or other reasons)
17:19:16 <agrabeli> but generally I was thinking that it would be good to pick out some highlights, add content for context, and link to other pages of the website (e.g. About) which explain other things, like "what is censorship", "how it works", etc.
17:19:37 <bnvk> hrm, I'd say just publish them on both whenever a new "highlight" is discovered
17:20:04 <bnvk> that way it keeps things "fresh" and also eliminates that yearly comparisson thing, no?
17:20:11 <agrabeli> right
17:20:14 <agrabeli> sure
17:21:05 <agrabeli> but I was thinking that since the Explorer would be integrated in the main website and accessible as one of the other items in the menu bar, perhaps we could refrain from making it too text heavy - since it wouldn't be a stand-alone site
17:21:27 <bnvk> just like how blog posts have "Published on Nov, 2015" sort thing...
17:21:34 <agrabeli> and since a lot of the general text - for non-technical users - would be included in other pages of the menu anyway
17:21:50 <bnvk> yah, i'm also for keeping the Explorer just with data, stats, and visualizations
17:22:06 <sbs> makes sense!
17:22:09 <bnvk> in fact the two paragraphs of text above the map were irking me and I tried to shorten them
17:22:23 <agrabeli> hehe :)
17:22:26 <hellais> agrabeli: the current implementation of the explorer makes it not possible to integrate it directly into the main ooni.torproject.org website. We could though pull out the highlights section from the explorer and have that reside on the main site
17:22:55 <agrabeli> and then have a highlights page in the main site, which links to the explorer?
17:22:58 <agrabeli> sure
17:23:00 <hellais> agrabeli: exactly
17:23:16 <agrabeli> but then that would make it "difficult" for the users to find the explorer
17:23:43 <agrabeli> as in, you would assume that they would go in the highlights page and actually click on the explorer reference
17:23:47 <agrabeli> and they might not
17:23:58 <agrabeli> and the explorer is key to the project, no?
17:24:19 <bnvk> hrm, based on your description, I was picturing the "Highlights" being a widget that take up 1/3 width of screen
17:24:30 <agrabeli> ideally, I think it would be great if it was in the menu bar  - though I understand that there are challenges of integrating it
17:25:02 <agrabeli> bnvk: hm, nice! :) I actually didn't think of that, though I really like that idea I must say.
17:25:17 <bnvk> yah, seems like Explorer should be in menu bar, but perhaps a [Button] to differentiate as it takes people to separate site
17:27:29 <MightyOctopus> [13ooni-probe] 15hellais pushed 1 new commit to 06master: 02https://git.io/v2mFj
17:27:29 <MightyOctopus> 13ooni-probe/06master 143a4d9ef 15Arturo Filastò: hotfix: fix bug that lead to body not being included
17:28:48 <hellais> bnvk: yeah, though based on the current sitemap there is also the issue of there being too many items to be all included in the menu bar
17:30:04 <hellais> that is why I was thinking that stuff related to measurements (such as the explorer, the raw measurements, the specification) could all fit within one menu item and have in there sub-links to those other pages
17:31:02 <bnvk> I see
17:31:33 <agrabeli> yeah, there's definitely too many menu items (per my issue). bnvk: from a design perspective, do you perhaps have any suggestions on how we could potentially fit them all in?
17:32:03 <bnvk> well, I woudl definitely advocate for Explorer being somehow more focal / important in the top level nav, as it's a pretty robust + important aspect of OONI, no?
17:33:07 <agrabeli> yep! couldn't agree more
17:34:56 <bnvk> one thing I'd suggest is identifying "focal" points, or calls to action
17:35:34 <bnvk> high level things that my mind things (for OONI) are:
17:35:51 <bnvk> 1. What is OONI
17:36:04 <bnvk> 2. Explore Our Data
17:36:15 <bnvk> 3. Help us Collect / Participate
17:37:02 <bnvk> you can probably group items from the 13 categories in that doc agrabeli into those 3
17:37:09 <bnvk> which helps with the menu bar clutter
17:37:36 <hellais> bnvk: I like this rational
17:37:53 <agrabeli> bnvk: me too. sounds great :)
17:38:20 <agrabeli> I suggested that we have a drop down menu under each menu item
17:38:39 <agrabeli> that basically you click on a menu item and the drop down appears - but not hoverable (that's annoying)
17:38:56 <agrabeli> perhaps that might be one way to fit many categories under 3 or 4 clusters (menu items)
17:39:00 <agrabeli> what do you guys think?
17:39:02 <sbs> agrabeli: hmm, I personally don't like those kinds of menus that much :-/
17:39:35 <agrabeli> sbs: any suggestions on how else we could cluster the various items under the main menu items..? :)
17:39:40 <bnvk> dropdowns in highlight nav work, but tend to kind of bug me
17:39:52 <agrabeli> ok
17:39:59 <bnvk> one way to do it is with subpages
17:40:28 <bnvk> so like /what-is-ooni/
17:40:46 <bnvk> - /what-is-ooni/research/
17:41:01 <bnvk> - /what-is-ooni/measurements/
17:41:08 <bnvk> - /what-is-ooni/explorer/
17:41:39 <agrabeli> yeah, that's what I was thinking - though I'm wondering how they would be accessible, if not under a drop down menu under each menu item (e.g. what is ooni)..?
17:41:50 <bnvk> those all being URLs, but on the main /what-is-ooni/ page you have three main columns or rows that have headings + an image + text + button
17:42:07 <agrabeli> ah nice :)
17:43:23 <agrabeli> sounds good. but if we have too many items under each item (more than 4) would that work well, design-wise?
17:43:58 <hellais> bnvk: yes I like that.
17:44:55 <bnvk> yah, you prolly don't want more than 4 items under each category
17:45:36 <bnvk> i'll send a pull request with what I propose as the info archiecture of how to group these sub categories
17:45:59 <agrabeli> sounds great, thanks!
17:46:12 <bnvk> oh wait, that's an issue, not a .md file, i'll comment
17:47:32 <hellais> bnvk: excellent, thanks!
17:50:02 <hellais> agrabeli, bnvk: thanks for the fruitful discussion. I guess we should at this point move into the next steps since we are running a bit short on time.
17:52:39 <agrabeli> I'm not sure I'll have time to work on anything OONI related this week, but if I do, I'll get started with some of the new content pages
17:52:54 <hellais> I will be mainly working on measurement-kit with simone and reviewing the work done by bnvk and simonv3
17:54:40 <bnvk> cool
17:54:43 <landers> yaml -> json code review, regression testing, etc. EOF
18:06:31 <sbs> will work on MK with hellais EOF
18:09:36 <hellais> Ok, thank you all very much for attending!
18:09:39 <hellais> #endmeeting