17:10:16 <hellais> #startmeeting
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17:10:19 <hellais> hey peeps
17:10:42 <hellais> sorry for the lag, but we have been at tor-dev meeting and other things were going on that distracted us
17:10:49 <willscott> hi
17:11:05 * sbs waves
17:11:41 <hellais> so what have you all been up to last week?
17:13:00 <willscott> there has been a tor dev meeting
17:13:13 * poly waves back
17:13:28 <sbs> I was in Valencia for the Tor dev meeting and had lots of great discussion with hellais and others on how to move forward OONI and MK - EOF
17:15:57 <hellais> I went to Turin, gave a talk about OONI with sbs. Did a couple of hotfixes for bugs introduced into master of ooni-probe. Updated the deployed ooni-explorer to use the DB hosted on hammerhead. EOF
17:21:18 <poly> Working on adding visualization features to network meter, I found some code I had written during the hackathon and forgotten to push (oops)
17:21:56 <poly> pushed to github and started a pull request. I hope sbs can review it sometime soon, merging it will be required before viz features can be added to master :)
17:22:01 <poly> EOF
17:24:06 <hellais> simonv3: have you interacted with bnvk recently?
17:24:28 <simonv3> I haven’t, I actually was afk for most of last week
17:24:55 <simonv3> I saw that you commented on the websites page, I’ll fix the encoding thing today
17:25:08 <hellais> simonv3: excellent, thanks!
17:26:38 <hellais> regarding the explorer I think we should fix a date for which we "officially" release the public beta of it. Currently it's online, but it's not really announced.
17:27:26 <hellais> I would say we set as a tentative release date for March 15th
17:27:45 <hellais> do you think we can get all the fixes that don't require integrating new data and adding API endpoints done by that time?
17:28:51 <agrabeli> hellais: 15th March sounds good. I'd like to edit the test descriptions in the mean while, and work with you on the highlights page.
17:35:43 <simonv3> hellais: I’d have to review all the issues again, but I’m fairly sure it’s possible. I know bnvk changes as well on his own branch
17:36:11 <hellais> simonv3: ok cool.
17:36:40 <hellais> Are there some particular things that people in here would like to discuss?
17:40:09 <hellais> I would like to announce something very exciting that has happened last week, is that the OTF proposal we have put in for OONI has been approved!
17:40:18 <agrabeli> I'm curious about the main feedback you received at tor dev in terms of ooni going forward
17:40:36 <hellais> this means that there is going to be a lot of interesting new development happening in OONI in the next 12 months
17:45:02 <hellais> agrabeli: well some interesting takeways and possible areas of development include: * Going beyond doing solely measurements related to internet censorship, but possibly exploring other properties of network health, such as network neutrality violations * We also talked about getting involved in election monitoring efforts and various people reached out to provide useful tips on what should be the things to
17:45:09 <hellais> consider when doing that and offerred to give us contacts for doing that
17:45:32 <hodgepodge> That's great to hear, congratulations on OTF's approval of your proposal, hellais et. al!
17:46:37 <landers> sorry i'm late (just got a new flat!) - i'm here
17:46:48 <hellais> here are some notes from one of the sessions that we did on OONI: http://paste.debian.net/410316/
17:46:51 <hellais> landers: hey there!
17:46:54 <landers> nice on the otf stuff^
17:47:32 <agrabeli> hellais: Thanks for the notes. Great! Both suggested ideas sound really interesting :)
17:49:16 <landers> hellais: election monitoring stuff - any more details?
17:51:16 <hellais> landers: well basically the idea is to reach out to these local EU offices that are responsible for sending independent observers to countries where elections are happening and try to either send some OONI people there or partner with people that are going to be there to provide them with information and hardware to monitor possible information controls issues
17:53:39 <landers> sounds intense!
17:53:40 <hellais> I have to disappear to go catch a shuttle to the other hotel
17:53:41 <hellais> bbiab
17:53:43 <landers> cya
17:58:28 <sbs> going to change my nickname as hellais so I can #endmeeting
17:59:10 <sbs> oh, apparently the nickname is already in use :-)
18:00:55 <simonv3> ooh, that sounds really awesome, congrats on the approval hellais and everyone involved :)
18:01:13 <agrabeli> well I guess we can either (1) discuss this week's next steps, (2) wait for hellais to return or (3) #endmeeting without hellais. What would you all prefer?
18:01:40 <MightyOctopus> [13measurement-kit] 15AntonioLangiu pushed 1 new commit to 06issue-322: 02https://git.io/v2rQ3
18:01:40 <MightyOctopus> 13measurement-kit/06issue-322 145dff7b6 15AntonioLangiu: add valgrind build to allow failures!
18:02:22 <simonv3> well, my next steps is finishing the websites page, and seeing what needs to be done for a March 15th launch like hellais asked earlier
18:02:30 <simonv3> EOF
18:02:49 <sbs> agrabeli: afaik only the nick who initiated the meeting could end it
18:03:13 <sbs> agrabeli: I vote for 1
18:03:37 <agrabeli> sbs: Great :)
18:05:08 <sbs> my next steps: figure out what remains to be done for releasing MK 0.2, coordinate with nuke- and hellais to sort out a roadmap for the apps and generally help with roadmapping EOF
18:05:38 <agrabeli> my next steps include (1) Editing the text for the test descriptions on the explorer, (2) Working on the highlights page with hellais, (3) Mapping out my OONI deliverables in detail for the next months, (4) Starting to speak to lawyers about informed consent stuff
18:07:52 <agrabeli> Still working full-time with TTC though (and this is a crazy period), so will probably only be able to start working on OONI properly from April. EOF.
18:09:10 <sbs> agrabeli: awesome!
18:27:13 <hellais> #endmeeting