17:00:42 <hellais> #startmeeting
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17:00:50 <hellais> here we go
17:00:53 <hellais> so who is here?
17:00:58 * sbs here!
17:01:22 <agrabeli> hi
17:01:25 <poly> hey!
17:01:35 * anadahz here
17:04:32 <hellais> excellent, so what have you been up to last week?
17:04:41 <bnvk> i'll go first
17:05:18 <bnvk> I finished some of my "overall" improvements to the start of the Explorer interface that simonv3 had implemented
17:05:55 <bnvk> ended up also doing some SCSS refactoring to make things a bit more organized and clean
17:06:10 <bnvk> pull req was merged in by hellais just today :)
17:06:25 <bnvk> doesn't look like it's deployed yet tho
17:06:28 <bnvk> EOF
17:06:46 <simonv3> I applied some of the changes suggested by hellais, and he ended up merging, started poking the other stuff, and will chat with bnvk today about plan of action for the next few days EOF
17:07:37 <sbs> I have been sick for most of the week and am still not 100%, so I basically did nothing except travelling home from Valencia EOF
17:07:45 <anadahz> Building a virtualization server to host some extra OONI services including offloading OONI reports from torproject servers. EOF
17:07:57 <hellais> I * Finished implementing and deployed the "domain intelligence" branch to have mappings between URL and category as well as map the ASN to a name * Discussed with the developers of Alkasir about potentially integrating some of the metrics they collecting into OONI * Reviewed various PRs from MK and the explorer
17:08:02 <hellais> EOF
17:09:05 <agrabeli> I edited some of the test descriptions for the explorer and provided some feedback EOF
17:09:57 <hellais> excellent. Are there some things you all would like to talk about?
17:11:34 <bnvk> hellais: refresh on what the "domain intelligence" is? Or rather, what aspects you've implemented?
17:12:47 <hellais> well basically currently we just have the categories for the URLs as are defined by citizen-lab and the ASN -> network name mapping
17:13:37 <bnvk> ah, so was this the thing you and sketched out that pulled in Alexa data and such?
17:13:51 <bnvk> namely, for "Berliner Büchertisch eG" in Kreuzberg is searching for a part-time admin (5h/week)
17:13:54 <bnvk> oops
17:14:15 <bnvk> stupid multiple clipboards :P
17:14:35 <bnvk> for https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/31 ?
17:14:46 <hellais> bnvk: correct, I have implemented the alexa and google ranking as well, but it's not deployed since even doing a bit of tweaking of timeouts google and alexa ban you quite quickly
17:15:03 <hellais> bnvk: yes
17:15:06 <bnvk> excellent
17:16:50 <bnvk> so I suppose, given that simonv3 is heading to the Arctic on the 11th, and we want to do a release on the 15th, and i'm busy at Logan Symposium on Fri/Sat, maybe we should agree on priority issues to get hammered out?
17:17:54 <hellais> bnvk: oh, yes indeed
17:18:37 <hellais> what is in here I think is all quite important and probably not very hard to do: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/29
17:18:52 <hellais> I can take care of adding the zoom button to the map
17:19:20 <hellais> bnvk: do you think the creation of the icons is going to take much time? (https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/36)
17:20:50 <bnvk> I could get the icons done in time, yes, but it will be a matter of integrating them well which will perhaps be missing
17:20:54 <bnvk> what do you think?
17:21:23 <hellais> I think we can do a release also without the icons
17:21:24 <hellais> https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/35
17:21:30 <hellais> this however I would consider to be more high priority
17:22:14 <bnvk> I agree
17:22:30 <bnvk> what about the highlights page?
17:23:16 <hellais> yeah I was just thinking about that
17:23:53 <bnvk> do you think you'll be able to tease out / create highlights from the data by then?
17:24:23 <hellais> I am going to work on that this week perhaps with some help from agrabeli if she has time
17:24:36 <agrabeli> yeah, I'll help with the highlights
17:24:49 <bnvk> cool
17:25:05 <bnvk> so, simonv3 how much time between now and your big drive do you have?
17:25:54 <hellais> bnvk: also I noticed that no ticket was created related to improving the table on the homepage (that is making it into bubbles/boxes instead of showing it as a list)
17:26:35 <bnvk> nope, that ticket is https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-explorer/issues/30
17:27:11 <hellais> ah ok there we go
17:27:20 <hellais> do you think that is also achievable by the launch date?
17:29:30 <bnvk> yah, I think fixing that definitely is
17:29:39 <hellais> excellent
17:30:45 <bnvk> I can promise doing that, as well as improving either the Explorer view or some other thing
17:31:11 <bnvk> but it probably makes sense to focus on that, as they are kind of similar views
17:31:20 <landers> (here, late)
17:33:34 <hellais> bnvk: yeah I also think those two are probably the things that need most love.
17:33:47 <bnvk> cool
17:36:07 <simonv3> bnvk - not that many hours
17:41:43 <anadahz> hellais: sbs any updates from IFF?
17:41:44 <bnvk> simonv3: is there a particular issue you feel most inclined towards?
17:45:59 <hellais> anadahz: I think we summed it up last week more or less. What happened in the meanwhile is that we got together with a group of people interested in doing election monitoring and talked a bit about how to recruit volunteers in a safe way, building lists of things to test and connected with some of them
17:46:30 <hellais> there are some people interested in setting some probes in the sub-saharan african region that could bring some interesting results. We should get them with a raspberry pi image
17:48:09 <anadahz> hellais: thx! we should dedicate few CPU cycles (aparta from explorer release) on that too
17:48:41 <anadahz> i guess there are interested in managed lepidopter releases?
17:49:13 <hellais> anadahz: yeah
17:53:21 <landers> i also met the accessnow people: illuminating. was cool to meet people doing targeted installations for election monitoring.
17:54:35 <hellais> landers: nice!
17:54:50 <agrabeli> landers: yeah, the plan is to do more of that this year :)
17:55:12 <agrabeli> landers: did access now share details in regards to their methodology?
17:56:02 <landers> i sadly missed the session where they talked about that, but i was planning on emailing them
17:56:18 <landers> we're in somewhat regular contact with them, right?
17:56:45 <hellais> landers: I have various contacts from people in there yes
17:59:07 <hellais> I am going to proceed in stating my next steps so that we don't end up going overtime: * I will continue following the development of the explorer * Pull out some highlights to include in the highlights page EOF
18:01:06 <bnvk> ok, i'm signing off for a bit! simonv3 i'll ping you in a couple hours
18:01:43 <agrabeli> I will work with hellais on the highlights page + will write the descriptions for the rest of the tests EOF
18:01:47 <sbs> I'm going to figure out what is needed to release MK 0.2 and then start doing that EOF
18:02:04 <simonv3> bnvk: sounds good, sorry I wasn’t more responsive, in another call as well
18:04:31 <anadahz> will continue work on the explorer release, setup the required server(s), set TLS certifciates, continue working on the OONI reports server, alter the DNS record EOF
18:15:11 <hellais> sounds good
18:15:14 <hellais> thank you all for attending
18:15:15 <hellais> #endmeeting