16:59:57 <hellais> #startmeeting
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17:00:02 <hellais> ok let's start this
17:00:03 <poly> hellais: I think the 451 thing is better as it allows you to determine censorship, whereas 404 doesn't
17:00:13 <poly> hey all
17:00:39 <anadahz> hello meeting
17:00:56 <willscott> hello meeting
17:01:24 <hellais> greetings!
17:01:26 <anadahz> poly: then we should have multiple git mirrors
17:01:54 <landers> here
17:02:47 <anadahz> hellais: when github was blocked there was too much media attention, now with the 451 status code it 'll be a normallity
17:03:40 <hellais> anadahz: github has always responded to DMCA takedown notices, it's not something new and I don't think that introducing error 451 will change that in any way
17:03:58 <hellais> so what have you been up to last week?
17:04:35 <landers> nothing ooni-related here EOF
17:04:55 <poly> Updates with network-meter, I'll keep this brief:
17:06:27 <poly> Looks like the qt solution last week won't work out, because file size is still too big. We also identified that a lot of the code relies on node.js. So the idea now is to create a version of network-meter that runs client-side javascript and server-side twisted/python
17:06:29 <hellais> * I worked on reviewing the ooni-explorer and preparing it for release. All is ready and we are all set for launch tomorrow. * Did some bug fixing and testing of the JSON data format branch * Fixed a major bug in ooniprobe that lead to timing inconsistencies spotted by dcf
17:07:37 <poly> this approach will allow us to also install to the raspberry pi oonprobe instance, and requires very few additional dependencies. Also, thanks to arturo and sbs for advice. EOF
17:10:32 <sbs> have done development of MK and helped with testing OONI's json branch - EOF
17:11:46 <poly> hey sbs, I'll message you directly and update you on the network meter situation
17:12:11 <sbs> poly: ack
17:14:04 <anadahz> I have worked on the server infstrasture of OONI explorer and measurements servers: set auto renewable let's encrypt certificates, tweak the DB and luigi to perform faster, setup a reverse NGINX proxy to forward request to node.js, a bunch of devops tasks to improve the HU servers infrastructure. Reviewed some PRs, Re-provisioned a hardware node and helped with the overall explorer release.. EOF
17:14:49 <anadahz> #18606
17:15:31 <hellais> anadahz: I think talking bad about github made the unicorn mad and github is now down :P
17:16:23 <anadahz> hellais: heh
17:16:45 <sbs> hellais: lol
17:17:14 <bnvk> yo yo
17:17:44 <anadahz> https://status.github.com/  All systems operational
17:17:48 <anadahz> sure ^
17:18:33 <Nuke> Hello again meeting, waiting my turn to open a discussion :)
17:18:52 <poly> hey Nuke
17:20:29 <hellais> I think we can proceed to open discussion at this point
17:20:53 <hellais> Nuke: I think you wanted to pose some naming dilemma am I right?
17:21:17 <Nuke> yes, I would like to open a discussion about the OONI app name
17:22:04 <Nuke> In my opinion the app name should contain a "brand" name to be unique identified and a description of what the app does.
17:23:02 <hellais> and by "app" Nuke means the Android and iOS client based on Measurement-Kit for OONI tests
17:23:30 <poly> So what would be published in Google Play/App Store, right?
17:24:00 <Nuke> exactly
17:24:28 <willscott> Nuke: what name are you do you think would be best?
17:24:37 <Nuke> Don't take me too seriously, a (funny) example of a similar name is "iNOO - Network meter"
17:25:09 <Nuke> Where iNOO is the brand and the second part is the description, the description part of the app name can be translated in the various app stores, like in Italian would be "iNOO - Test di rete"
17:25:34 <poly> Nuke: who is the target audience of this app?
17:25:45 <poly> are they people who have heard of OONI previously?
17:27:33 <Nuke> Good question, I think the app should not mention OONI, am I wrong hellais ?
17:29:16 <willscott> if you're using 'iNOO' to reference ooni, why not just use OONI?
17:29:29 <Nuke> iNOO was a joke :)
17:29:54 <willscott> the point was some unrelated / new brand name?
17:30:24 <landers> internet accelerator / ram doubler
17:30:30 <Nuke> yes, should be something unrelated and easy to pronunce in different languages
17:30:39 <hellais> yes the logic behind this is that the App would not be explicitly tied to OONI as if a user is found with an OONI app on the phone they may get into trouble, while if they are instead found with some generic network testing app the risk would be somewhat lower.
17:31:06 <poly> landers: ram download speed accelerator
17:31:40 <poly> "internet plumber"
17:32:26 <landers> plumbers clean pipes, this cleans internet pipes?
17:32:27 <Nuke> Don't want to be banned from the app store for a fake description of the app, maybe network meter is more appropriated
17:32:53 <poly> Are there any apps called NM on the store already?
17:33:07 * poly doesn't have phone nearby
17:33:54 <Nuke> last time we checked there weren't
17:34:24 <willscott> in android i see a thing called network meter with 1000 users that tests your download/upload speed
17:34:47 <Nuke> but most of the app are using this brand - description name (ex: iData - Data usage monitor, Track Network Data)
17:34:57 <willscott> nothing called 'Net Meter' though
17:35:19 <Nuke> what is important is the "brand" name like this iData
17:35:59 <poly> What about "Network Probe"
17:36:04 <poly> or "NetProbe"
17:36:49 <Nuke> not bad, i like it
17:37:26 <anadahz> perhaps a totally irelevant (with networks) name like 'candy op'
17:37:47 <anadahz> or 'cheesy kitten'
17:37:47 <hellais> netprobe is nice
17:37:51 <poly> "Censorship, errr, Candy Crush"
17:38:01 <Nuke> "NetProbe - Test your network speed and performance"
17:38:23 <poly> "NetProbe - Better understand your network" maybe?
17:38:59 <poly> I think if we focus too much on speed/performance, then users who are not interested in censorship will download it and then give it a low rating because it "doesn't do what it says"
17:39:13 <poly> if the rating goes down people are less likely to see it, etc
17:39:20 <Nuke> right
17:39:26 <landers> netscope
17:40:02 <Nuke> the important part is that the name will provide plausible deniability
17:40:26 <willscott> +1 netprobe / netscope
17:41:04 <Nuke> I like them both, would you like to decide now or leave the last decision to me?
17:41:08 <agrabeli> hi
17:41:17 <poly> Nuke: I'd say make the initial description fairly generic/abstract
17:41:21 <landers> seems like it's the description that's got to be vague to be deniable?
17:41:31 <Nuke> the description part of the name can be discussed the day before we submit on the app store
17:42:35 <poly> Nuke: I don't mind either, I'd say let you decide, unless anyone has an objection?
17:42:45 <poly> (or something we are missing?)
17:42:59 <gxg> hi ;) +1 netprobe > netscope (without objecting to netscope)
17:43:08 <hellais> yeah I would say we have come up with a lot of suggestions already
17:43:36 <hellais> Nuke: perhaps what makes most sense is if you post this list to the mainling list and we defer to discussing eventual further suggestions changes there
17:43:39 <anadahz> Nuke: we can perhaps bring this on the mailing list if you feel like
17:43:52 <hellais> anadahz: :)
17:44:34 <Nuke> agreed.
17:45:29 <hellais> so are there any other topics we would like to discuss before moving into the next steps?
17:46:14 <anadahz> btw (something that I always forget to ask) did the people that were asked reimburssemtn receive it yet?
17:46:42 <anadahz> ^ on the mini hackathon in Rome
17:49:30 <anadahz> if not please send an email...
17:51:48 <anadahz> has anyone looked at the recent https://explorer.ooni.torproject.org/ ?
17:52:13 <anadahz> any bugs, perfomance issues, comments will be great
17:53:44 * poly will take a look
17:54:17 * Nuke too
17:55:30 <hellais> I am going to write my next steps: * launch the explorer tomorrow * implement better testing for ooni-probe and finalise the JSON reports branch
17:56:31 <willscott> hellais: did we make progress on a developer job posting?
17:56:36 <poly> My next steps: * Plan out this new gui * Create the skeleton files and general outline * put on a repo somewhere
17:57:12 <hellais> willscott: it's ready, I need to circulate it with tor people
17:57:16 <willscott> great
17:57:17 <hellais> and then post it
17:57:45 * poly has to leave
17:57:57 <poly> bye all!
17:58:05 <hellais> poly: ciao!
17:59:08 <anadahz> My nexts steps: Continue with the explorer release, prepare an OONI presentation, continue with devop work
18:00:18 <willscott> anadahz: presentation is for next week? i'm happy to provide help if useful
18:00:54 <agrabeli> This week I'm updating the test list for Bangladesh and supporting the release of OONI Explorer. EOF.
18:02:03 <anadahz> willscott: yes, thx!
18:07:14 <hellais> ok well, thanks for attending the gathering, until next time!
18:07:16 <hellais> #endmeeting