17:00:28 <hellais> #startmeeting
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17:00:33 <hellais> ok so let's start this
17:00:36 <hellais> who is here?
17:00:41 <poly> hey all
17:01:03 * willscott waves
17:01:17 <agrabeli> heya
17:01:26 * hodgepodge waves
17:01:28 * sixmonths waves.
17:01:42 <hellais> so what have you been up to last week?
17:03:17 <hellais> I worked on final polishing and launching of the OONI explorer, reviewing and doing further testing on the data format changes branch and did a bit of work on figuring out the changes needed to daemonise OONI in preparation for the web GUI.
17:04:54 <poly> So I've been creating mockups for the OONI web GUI. The first mockup (https://darkdepths.net/drafts/photos/new-test.png) shows what starting a new scan will look like. The second mockup (https://darkdepths.net/drafts/photos/result.png) shows how the results could be visualized.
17:05:41 <poly> I had wanted to create a mockup for the dashboard/overview screen, but didn't finish it in time for the meeting.
17:05:58 <agrabeli> I supported the release of OONI Explorer and contributed to the BD test list EOF.
17:08:11 <hellais> poly: those look very nice! Good job!
17:09:38 <agrabeli> poly: wow, great mock-ups! :)
17:10:40 <poly> thanks all :) I'm placing all stuff on this page (https://darkdepths.net/drafts/ooniprobe-gui-mockup.html), it'll have the 3rd mockup when I get to it too
17:12:14 <hellais> are there any things people would like to discuss during this gathering?
17:12:43 <poly> one thing I was wondering about was where the web GUI would be developed
17:12:58 <poly> would it be a branch of ooniprobe or something on a seperate repo?
17:14:52 <hellais> poly: it should be part of a branch inside of ooniprobe. If you look inside of ooniprobe there is actually already a very rough GUI implemented, but it's currently not working because it was not kept up to date with the ooni main code
17:15:45 <poly> hellais: I haven't seen this branch. Is it a web gui also? How out of date is it?
17:16:50 <hellais> poly: look at https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-probe/pull/442
17:18:19 <hellais> it's inside of ooni/api/ and the frontend stuff is inside of data/ui/
17:19:57 <hellais> I think however we should be rewriting it to not depend on cyclone and be purely based on twisted.web to keep the dependencies down to a minimum
17:20:56 * poly will look into this more later today
17:21:25 <poly> Though I always agree with reducing dependencies :)
17:21:41 <poly> *cough* left-pad *cough*
17:23:37 <willscott> anadahz is in SF for rightscon this week. I'll be heading down there tomorrow.
17:30:31 <hellais> cool, so if there is nothing more I would say we move directly into the next steps.
17:31:45 <hellais> I am going to be ensuring we finalise the merge of the JSON data format branch, work on the web connectivity branch and the web gui branch
17:33:31 <poly> I will finish off the last mockup, take a look at the current web gui code and then contact hellais about a plan of attack
17:36:22 <hellais> sounds good
17:37:10 <andresazp> Hey, can someone reimnd me how to access the log for the irc meeting, I believe the is/was a bot
17:37:24 <hellais> andresazp: hey there!
17:37:37 <hellais> andresazp: here you can find the logs: http://meetbot.debian.net/ooni
17:37:53 <hellais> andresazp: did you get my email about publishing the venezuela OONI data?
17:38:10 <andresazp> awesome, I’ve been swamped but want to catch up on the recent Ooni discussions
17:39:44 <andresazp> yes!, I’ve been swamped and since easter is a local holiday I went out of town, but I’ll get back to you on that either today or tomorrow. With a link a to a compressed file with reports :)
17:40:02 <andresazp> (or mongo db, if that’s your preference)
17:41:59 <hellais> that would be great! A compressed file with the reports would be best so I can just pull it into the pipeline
17:42:50 <andresazp> I’m sorry for not replying promply to emails!
17:43:55 <hellais> andresazp: no worries :)
17:44:10 <hellais> so, people if there is nothing else to be added I guess we can call this gathering adjourned.
17:44:40 <hellais> thanks for attending!
17:44:44 <hellais> #endmeeting