17:01:04 <hellais> #startmeeting OONI weekly dev gathering 2016-05-30
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17:01:10 <hellais> here we go
17:01:11 <agrabeli_> heya
17:01:27 <anadahz> hi
17:01:30 <willscott> hi
17:02:48 <hellais> excellent.
17:03:03 <willscott> what do we have to talk about this week?
17:03:19 <hellais> so we didn't circulate an agenda prior to this, so does anybody have something they would like to talk about?
17:03:27 <landers> here
17:03:33 <willscott> web connectivity is merged, and lepidopter image is out. those are both cool
17:03:44 <willscott> it might be good to talk about the ooni website?
17:03:54 <agrabeli_> indeed
17:03:56 <willscott> it sounds like it's in two places right now
17:04:10 <willscott> is it that ooni.io is hosted as a github static page
17:04:18 <hellais> #topic ooni website
17:04:19 <willscott> and ooni.torproject.org is on torproject servers?
17:05:12 <hellais> yeah, so let me explain a second what is the current way the ooni website works. It uses a static website generator called hugo to build the content pages and blog pages.
17:05:58 <hellais> there is then a script that you run once you have tested locally with hugo that everything looks alright that will generate the site, the documentation and push it to a github pages repository here: https://github.com/ooni/ooni.github.io
17:06:19 <willscott> hugo is like jekyll?
17:06:34 <hellais> once that is done you need to login to thetorproject server and run another script to sync what is on ooni.github.io with ooni.torproject.org
17:06:40 <hellais> at that point it's updated
17:06:46 <hellais> willscott: yes, something like that
17:06:57 <willscott> and the reason there are two steps is because those two urls are served by two different servers?
17:07:09 <willscott> could we change DNS records so that they're both pointing to the same server?
17:08:36 <willscott> i think github static page cnames are limited to a single domain
17:08:45 <hellais> willscott: the reason why there are two steps is that on torproject infrastructure we can't install any software that is not packaged in debian. So the site needs to be built elsewhere and pushed somewhere to be pulled in. In theory I guess the publish script could push directly to thetorproject server as well as pushing to github.
17:09:06 <willscott> is the torproject infrastructure the 'canonical version'?
17:09:12 <hellais> willscott: yes.
17:09:19 <anadahz> hellais: hugo is packaged on debian
17:09:50 <hellais> anadahz: I don't think it's in debian stable though
17:10:44 <willscott> the value of having hugo on tpo infrastructure is that we could automate that server updating its contents?
17:11:10 <anadahz> hellais: it's in testing though
17:12:18 <hellais> willscott: yeah, though I think this encourages not testing the site locally before pushing content to the live site.
17:13:34 <hellais> tbh I think that we are starting to outgrow the statically generated site we currently have and we should consider moving at some point to something like a CMS to make it easier to update and post content.
17:14:10 <willscott> such a thing would likely be harder to host on tpo infrastructure, no?
17:14:48 <hellais> willscott: yes, I don't think we should host it there, but put it up on something we run ourselves
17:15:10 <willscott> #action figure out where to host a CMS version of the website
17:16:39 <anadahz> git syncing to CMS is really hard
17:16:50 <willscott> cool. it seems like the next steps are asynchronous: propose what system to use, and think about where the server should live
17:17:12 <willscott> anadahz: i think that's another question. if we transition to a CMS, git would probably no longer be the canonical version
17:17:23 <willscott> but instead we'd have to do backups of however the cms saved its contents
17:18:30 <willscott> proposed next topic: should we do some publicity around web_connectivity to try to get existing probe operators to upgrade?
17:18:34 <anadahz> and apparently we 'll need to completely re-design the whole OONI website
17:19:31 <agrabeli_> if we're moving away from tpo infrastructure, would it make sense to have content on gitlab and to push it onto the server from there?
17:19:48 <anadahz> I think automating the task of publishing content is a more viable option and requires less development effort
17:20:08 <willscott> we don't have a gitlab instance set up
17:20:16 <willscott> afaik
17:20:48 <anadahz> personally i don't like the idea of moving away OONI website from tpo infrastructure
17:21:07 <agrabeli_> can't a similar approach be applied from github, if we move away from tpo infrastructure?
17:21:16 <willscott> one thing we can do is treat the github static page server as a staging server
17:21:23 <agrabeli_> (anadahz: I'm not suggesting that moving away from tpo is a great idea either)
17:21:36 <willscott> and sanity check that before kicking-off a sync step to the tpo server
17:21:48 <willscott> that maybe alleviates hellais's concern with a fully-automated system
17:21:50 <agrabeli_> willscott: yes, that's what I meant :)
17:22:35 <hellais> willscott: yeah, that is basically the system that we currently have. github is used to stage the content and then tpo pulls in the content from it.
17:22:50 <sbs> the problem I see with hosting on tpo is that not all the people that are member of ooni could truly change ooni website and this could be a problem sometimes
17:23:23 <willscott> so, it seems like this is another case where it would be nice to have gitlab or some sort of CI tool
17:23:43 <willscott> where we get our own ACL system for people we trust to be able to 'kick off' a synchronization to tpo
17:24:11 <sbs> well, if the canonical version is on github, we already can do that
17:26:00 <agrabeli_> what are the advantages of hosting the website on tpo infrastructure?
17:26:24 <willscott> someone else takes care of being the admin / keeping the site up :)
17:26:52 <sbs> plus communicates clearly affiliation with Tor
17:27:15 <agrabeli_> right
17:27:46 <agrabeli_> I was just thinking that if the websites was, say, hosted at openobservatory.org, wouldn't that enable us to just push content directly from github with a simple update script?
17:27:52 <agrabeli_> *website
17:27:57 <sbs> true
17:28:14 <sbs> it could also be possible to host on github using cname
17:28:21 <agrabeli_> right
17:28:26 <sbs> this way no sysadmin work needed on our part
17:28:29 <willscott> the same can be true of a tpo site - it's just a question permissions for who can run that script
17:28:51 <sbs> right: my understanding (correct me if wrong) is that one needs a tpo account to do that
17:28:52 <agrabeli_> anyway, that's what I'm doing with one of my projects, and it's pretty easy to run, maintain and push content to
17:29:25 <sbs> and, I think only hellais and anadahz have it, right?
17:29:34 <willscott> right
17:30:28 <willscott> an intermediate step if we want to keep using TPO infrastructure but change the ACL would be to set up a CI machine with cached credentials
17:30:34 <hellais> sbs: correct. You need to have a torproject ldap account for that.
17:31:34 <agrabeli_> so it sounds like it comes down the following options (and pls correct me if I am wrong): (1) we keep it as it, and more of us get tpo accounts to that we can push content directly, (2) we host it elsewhere, and just push directly from github, (3_ we consider a different CMS altogether
17:31:49 <sbs> would tor allow ooni.tpo point as cname to ooni.github.io?
17:31:54 <agrabeli_> (apologies for the typos)
17:32:28 <sbs> agrabeli_: yeah, I think those are the options, plus (4) tor allows ooni.tpo to be cname for ooni.github.io?
17:33:35 <hellais> sbs: yes I don't think it would be a problem to get a cname setup for ooni.tpo. The only problem I guess is having HTTPS
17:34:10 <sbs> hellais: ah, damn, you're right!
17:34:20 <hellais> I'm not sure if they would issue us a ooni.torproject.org certificate since the *.torproject.org wildcard cert exists
17:34:48 <willscott> we could use cloudflare for https (joking)
17:34:59 <sbs> willscott: LOL
17:35:04 <agrabeli_> willscott: ahahahahaha
17:36:53 <agrabeli_> so given the options, how about we explore whether more of us can get tpo accounts for the web purposes, while also looking into viable CMS options? And perhaps we can get back on this and decide from there?
17:37:16 <anadahz> Github pages doesn't support HTTPS atm - https://github.com/isaacs/github/issues/156
17:37:41 <willscott> if we can't get tpo accounts, we can set up a CI to hack around that problem
17:38:08 <willscott> i think we should do research about how we want it to work, and have stronger preferences, and then regroup
17:38:28 <agrabeli_> willscott: agreed
17:38:37 <willscott> i think we're somewhat dis-satisfied, but none of us have a strong vision of what we want to change it to right now
17:38:46 <willscott> cool
17:39:08 <hellais> sounds good
17:39:18 <willscott> i mentioned publicity around web_connectivity earlier
17:39:33 <willscott> should we start tweeting / otherwise publicizing that it's time to upgrade your ooni-probe?
17:39:51 <anadahz> OK agreed until we find a better option
17:40:07 <agrabeli_> willscott: yeah, I think we should def try to bring some publicity about the test, it's really cool!
17:40:08 <anadahz> just FYI the only person that can update OONI website atm is hellais
17:40:34 <hellais> willscott: yeah I think we should do that!
17:40:51 <agrabeli_> hellais: won't the probe operators' images update automatically to the latest version, and thus run web_connectivity by default?
17:40:52 <hellais> anadahz: you should also have the correct permissions now, no?
17:41:16 <willscott> agrabeli_: depends how they installed it, no?
17:41:17 <hellais> agrabeli_: yes the ones running the raspberry pi distributions will, but not people that have installed ooniprobe with pip
17:41:18 <anadahz> hellais: haven't tested yet if i have push access to gh-pages
17:42:36 <willscott> anadahz: ah, so github permissions then. if you can push to other org. repos, you're probably good to go there
17:42:45 <anadahz> since we have some time left shall we talk about some previous agenda topics that we haven't made a consent yet?
17:43:16 <anadahz> willscott: gh-pages use different permission set
17:43:34 <willscott> to finish the web_connectivity thread: it sounds like some publicity or reaching out to known operators might be in order
17:43:40 <hellais> anadahz: you have them correctly set now.
17:43:43 <willscott> anadahz: i wasn't aware of branch-level permissions
17:44:15 <anadahz> hellais: thanks
17:44:17 <willscott> but regardless. sounds resolved
17:45:01 <hellais> willscott: yes, usually a message is posted to mailing list and tweets are sent from @openobservatory. Given the importance of this new test I think it may be in order to try to do something more this time
17:45:08 <agrabeli_> willscott: perhaps it would make sense to release a short blog on the Tor Project blog about web_connectivity?
17:45:09 <hellais> perhaps write a blog post about it?
17:45:19 <agrabeli_> I think that would help with the publicity of the test
17:45:40 <willscott> can we look at recent uploads and get point of contact from them?
17:45:54 <willscott> (is that something we want)
17:46:21 <willscott> i guess we started an ooni-operators list as well
17:46:24 <hellais> "unfortunately" we don't store any type of personally identifiable information so we don't really know who is submitting the reports
17:46:33 <willscott> so the other campaign is to get people to subscribe to that list for this sort of updates
17:47:25 <hellais> yes, the idea behind the probe operators list is that it's meant to be a very low traffic mailing list that people interested in running ooniprobe will get essential updates from it
17:47:55 <agrabeli_> so I guess we can add the new mailing list on the website, tweet about it
17:48:17 <hellais> there are 52 people subscribed to it currently
17:48:21 <agrabeli_> and separately, tweet about web_connectivity and release a short blog about it
17:48:46 <agrabeli_> I'd be happy to write up a short blog on web_connectivity
17:49:05 <agrabeli_> I recently wrote a description for it, so writing a blog should not take time (I could do that tonight)
17:49:24 <willscott> cool.
17:49:29 <agrabeli_> (thanks sbs for the feedback, I'll update the description tonight :))
17:49:40 <willscott> is there a released pip version with web_connectivity?
17:49:54 <willscott> if not, we should wait on publicity until the merge has filtered to the various channels
17:49:59 <willscott> e.g. debian package?
17:50:38 <sbs> agrabeli_: you're welcome!
17:50:57 <sbs> speaking of debs, what is exactly the procedure for a new debian package?
17:51:44 <hellais> yes the pip package is not released yet, I am waiting on the update of the backend
17:52:35 <willscott> so i guess, lets wait to see the release from hellais, and then we can start publicity
17:52:52 <willscott> but we can probably start writing blog posts / etc. in tandem with the release tasks
17:52:52 <agrabeli_> sure
17:53:55 <agrabeli_> do we want to aim to publish the blog on our website or on tor's?
17:54:09 <willscott> i'd say start with ooni's
17:54:23 <willscott> one thing that would be of interest is we can track how many submissions start updating to the new version
17:54:24 <agrabeli_> it would be faster and easier to publish on ours, but if we publish on tor the test will probably get more publicity
17:54:53 <willscott> i feel like this is a pretty technical change, and harder to convey what's interesting to the 'tor user' audience
17:56:08 <willscott> if we were going to put something on the tor blog in the next week or two, i think 'help us by alpha testing lepidopter' is probably a better candidate
17:56:45 <agrabeli_> willscott: or maybe it could be about both (web_connectivity and lepidopter)?
17:58:19 <agrabeli_> anyway, let's coordinate on the details of publication over the next few days, and move on to anadahz's suggestion for a topic? :)
17:58:29 <willscott> maybe, i just feel like it's such a small fraction of the tor blog audience that can either take action or get value of knowledge of web_connectivity change
17:59:39 <willscott> we're also at-time
18:00:17 <willscott> anadahz: lets hear the topics, but since the point was that we don't have consensus, maybe worth waiting until next week to have the associated debates?
18:00:47 <anadahz> yes let's do this next week we are out of time today
18:01:47 <willscott> cool cool. thanks all :)
18:01:50 <hellais> great. It's perhaps ideal if next week we make sure to post some of the agenda items before the meeting so that we can have a chance to think about them/discuss time ahead of time
18:03:43 * landers g2g, c'y'all
18:04:00 <hellais> #endmeeting