17:01:01 <hellais> #startmeeting OONI dev gathering 2016-07-04
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17:01:04 <hellais> here we go
17:01:07 <hellais> so who is here?
17:01:18 <agrabeli> hi
17:01:21 <anadahz> hello
17:01:27 <willscott> hey
17:03:03 <hellais> I guess we can not do a too long meeting if it's only the four of us
17:04:30 <hellais> I just wanted to point out a couple of things that people can then think about and perhaps comment on asynchronously
17:04:44 <hellais> #topic adding new dependencies to ooni-probe for the web GUI
17:05:18 <hellais> so I started writing the web frontend to ooni-probe and initially I was going to for rolling out my own minimal web microframework to support URL routing and the like
17:05:32 <hellais> though it seems like it would be more robust to just use something that exists already instead of writing our own stuff
17:05:46 <hellais> in particular I would like to use klein (https://github.com/twisted/klein)
17:07:02 <willscott> that seems fine
17:07:26 <hellais> it's not part of debian yet, but there was an intent to package that hasn't been filed https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=738156
17:07:52 <anadahz> i don't see any issue adding this package to Debian, what do you think irl?
17:07:58 <hellais> the other dependency is python-werkzeug and that is already in debian so it shouldn't be a problem
17:08:01 <hellais> irl: ^^
17:08:07 <hellais> so that is one thing
17:08:23 <hellais> #topic update system for lepidopter and/or other ooni components
17:09:07 <hellais> the other thing we were thinking about is having some sort of system for performing updates for lepidopter so that we don't have to make people re-image their raspberry pi every time a new version of it comes out
17:09:38 <hellais> we don't really have a concrete proposal for this yet, but if somebody is familiar with how people do this and what are the best practices in this realm that would be good to discuss
17:09:49 <willscott> so, this wouldn’t be for the ooni-probe code itself
17:10:07 <willscott> because we already pull from the github repo semewhat regularly
17:10:24 <willscott> but rather, if we decide we need new dependency packages on the system in the future
17:10:27 <hellais> in the past I had looked a bit into this thing: https://github.com/theupdateframework/tuf, not sure how well it fits within our requirements, but it could be something worthwhile looking at
17:11:51 <sbs-mobile> perhaps naive question: wouldn't apt-get update and upgrade work on a raspberry?
17:13:18 <willscott> so, we would need to figure out how to give it new apt-get packages to install if we wanted that
17:14:02 <willscott> and we could potentially end up in weird out-of-sync cases where a pi is offline for a while and then does the upgrade and ends up with a failure
17:14:07 <sbs-mobile> ah, I assumed lepidopter used ooni debian packages
17:15:34 <sbs-mobile> does it use pip instead?
17:15:40 <hellais> sbs-mobile: yeah, actually lepidopter doesn't use debian packages. Also there are things that may need to be updated that are just raspberry pi specific and are not related to the software itself
17:15:51 <hellais> for example adjusting the cronjobs, rewriting some of the files on disk
17:16:09 <hellais> sbs-mobile: yes it updates via pip
17:16:47 <sbs-mobile> hellais: I see, thanks
17:25:28 <willscott> cool
17:25:55 <willscott> i don’t think this is super high priority
17:26:04 <willscott> because we have a pretty limited number of people running lepidopter right now
17:26:27 <willscott> and can make new images and tell everyone to flash the new image as our update process for new releases for now
17:26:39 <anadahz> sbs-mobile: but you could still do apt-get update/upgrade though not for the ooniprobe package
17:32:20 <xxen0nxx> is the lepidopter image stable enough to run in production?
17:32:40 <willscott> what is production?
17:32:53 <xxen0nxx> iv got it running but my pi keeps getting seg fault errors with the os and kernal panics
17:33:08 <willscott> that doesn’t sound stable :(
17:33:15 <xxen0nxx> yeah lol
17:33:17 <willscott> have you / can you file a bug report with the errors?
17:33:20 <hellais> xxen0nxx: what version of raspberry pi is it?
17:33:22 <xxen0nxx> i will yeah
17:33:31 <xxen0nxx> i cant keep the thing running for more then a day
17:33:40 <xxen0nxx> may switch to raspbian with a custom onni install
17:33:53 <anadahz> xxen0nxx: how did you copy the image to the SD card?
17:33:58 <xxen0nxx> with dd
17:34:10 <xxen0nxx> on kali
17:34:27 <willscott> which raspberry pi model?
17:34:39 <xxen0nxx> b+
17:34:44 <xxen0nxx> last gen not the current duel core one
17:35:09 <anadahz> xxen0nxx: i guess you have checked the checksums right?
17:35:32 <sbs-mobile> anadahz: ack
17:35:35 <xxen0nxx> yup
17:36:08 <hellais> xxen0nxx: what exactly is segfaulting?
17:36:17 <xxen0nxx> let me see one sec
17:36:20 <xxen0nxx> just gunna ssh into it
17:36:26 <anadahz> xxen0nxx: have you got an old SD card?
17:37:28 <xxen0nxx> lepidopter@lepidopter:~$ sudo apt-get install htop
17:37:28 <xxen0nxx> sudo: unable to stat wned by uid %d: No such file or directory
17:37:28 <xxen0nxx> Segmentation fault
17:37:44 <xxen0nxx> when running sudo on anything i get that
17:39:17 <willscott> maybe try  “dmesg -l err” and see what kernel errors have been raised?
17:44:25 <xxen0nxx> ok
17:44:32 <xxen0nxx> im at work one sec haha
17:49:11 <xxen0nxx> [    9.574811] systemd[1]: Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.
17:49:15 <xxen0nxx> [87341.130753] Aborting journal on device mmcblk0p2-8.
17:49:21 <xxen0nxx> bad sd card?
17:50:13 <hellais> that looks like a write error
17:50:52 <xxen0nxx> thats what i was thinking
17:51:02 <xxen0nxx> replace the card im guessing and see how it goes?
17:51:07 <hellais> do you have another SD card you can use?
17:51:20 <xxen0nxx> like 10 of em
17:51:21 <xxen0nxx> haha
17:51:25 <hellais> I would suggest you try writing the image to another card and see if that works
17:51:26 <xxen0nxx> ill try that when i get home from work
17:51:28 <hellais> xxen0nxx: haha excellent :)
17:51:37 <xxen0nxx> ssh for the win
17:51:38 <xxen0nxx> ahaha
17:53:42 <anadahz> xxen0nxx: let us know how this SD card works!
17:53:46 <xxen0nxx> i will
17:53:49 <xxen0nxx> in about 8 hours
17:53:50 <xxen0nxx> haha
17:53:51 <anadahz> thx!
17:54:43 <anadahz> xxen0nxx: use bmaptool it's much faster than dd
17:55:29 <xxen0nxx> i dont really care about speed tbh
17:55:35 <xxen0nxx> takes only about 2 mins to write to the card lol
17:58:10 <anadahz> ah wow that's a really fast SD card write speed you got
18:00:19 <xxen0nxx> yeah its a pretty good one
18:04:33 <anadahz> xxen0nxx: thank you for running OONI and Lepidopter!
18:05:31 <anadahz> If there is no more comments we can end this meeting, I guess
18:05:35 <hellais> indeed
18:05:39 <hellais> thanks to you all for attending
18:05:42 <hellais> #endmeeting