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16:01:01 <anadahz> hello
16:02:00 <anadahz> anyone around? :)
16:02:35 <hellais> so do we have an agenda for this meeting?
16:02:39 <agrabeli> hellos
16:03:31 <agrabeli> perhaps we could start off by discussing the possibility for an internal meet-up/hackathon over the next few months?
16:04:15 <agrabeli> we have some new members on the team, and it would be great for us to somehow arrange to meet in person and work together on a few things
16:04:16 <willscott> Would be great to have one!
16:04:50 <sbs> agrabeli: +1
16:04:57 <hellais> yes indeed
16:05:07 <anadahz> sounds like a nice thing to do
16:05:25 <hellais> an idea we were throwing around was the posibility of doing it sometime around mid-end of November 2016 somewhere in Europe
16:05:40 <hellais> perhaps berlin since it's probably easiest to secure a venue and it's fairly cheap to run an even there
16:05:49 <anadahz> I suggest that we should invite other people except the OONI team.
16:06:38 <hellais> anadahz: I think we would like it to be quite focussed and mainly geared at getting us all on the same page and engaging the new member of the team
16:06:56 <hellais> I suspect that if we are to make it soo much open to people that are not too familiar with OONI, it can be a bit too much dispersive
16:07:23 <hellais> that said we could have 1 day of open hack day, where people that happen to be around or want to drop by can join
16:07:30 <agrabeli> hellais: but perhaps we can also have an "open hack day", where we encourage people to join us (people who are in town or so)?
16:07:49 <anadahz> agrabeli: right!
16:07:50 <hellais> lol
16:07:53 <agrabeli> lol
16:08:06 <sbs> lol
16:08:54 <anadahz> hellais: there a number of people related to OONI but in team
16:09:33 <anadahz> I would suggest perhaps to do the gathering/hackday in a different country or even continent.
16:09:46 <sbs> anadahz: different from what? europe?
16:10:11 <anadahz> Yes different from Berlin/Europe
16:12:46 <anadahz> Another idea will be to find a relevant event to OONI and make the hackathon before/after that event.
16:16:35 <landers> here
16:17:36 <hellais> I think that most of us are in the general european area or within reach from europe with cheap flights, while in other continents most people will have expensive airfare
16:17:54 <hellais> I mean from the other side of the ocean there would be you and willscott
16:18:44 <hellais> regarding doing it around another event I think it's best if we make it something that allows us to focus on OONI related things and not be too distracted by another event
16:19:05 <hellais> (flights to Europe from russia are also cheaper and easier than say, south america or the US)
16:20:14 <anadahz> hellais: usually the other event helps bringing people or event the team without requiring paying for the flight tickets
16:20:27 <agrabeli> another plus to doing the event in Berlin is that many OONI contributors could potentially join for the open hack day, such as landers, brennan, donncha, duy, etc.
16:21:16 <hellais> anadahz: depending on the event there may also be event entrance tickets to cover as well for the team.
16:21:31 <agrabeli> anadahz: which event do you have in mind? the RIP Atlas event would require us to pay for everything, including flights, conference tickets, etc.
16:21:45 <agrabeli> *RIPE
16:22:05 <anadahz> agrabeli: IGF in mexico
16:22:44 <agrabeli> anadahz: Similarly, we'd have to pay for everything there too, since OONI's application didn't get accepted.. :/
16:29:21 <anadahz> We should do a rough calculation of the expenses needed for Berlin and check if it's that much of a difference to change destination country.
16:30:17 <anadahz> Execept if everyone other than me agrees in doing the event in Berlin.
16:31:51 <agrabeli> I have a suggestion (if we agree with Berlin):
16:32:04 <willscott> I think that if hellais/agrabeli have a sense of how to take care of logistics for Berlin, that's worth factoring in. Organizing even a small event can take a lot of time and effort
16:32:36 <agrabeli> 1. We do an internal meeting on Monday 31st October and Tuesday 1st Novembet
16:33:02 <agrabeli> 2. On the night of 1st November, we present OONI at c-base, as part of Netzpolitik's monthly public events
16:33:27 <agrabeli> 3. At this event, we also publicize the OONI open hack day, that will happen the next day (2nd November) at c-base
16:33:48 <agrabeli> 4. Wednesday, 2nd November, we do the open hack day at c-base
16:34:14 <agrabeli> from Thursday onwards, you can continue working out of Berlin, and depart over the weekend, or depart the following day
16:34:56 <agrabeli> This above proposed plan enables us to combine various things: (1) internal meeting, (2) presentation/outreach of OONI at event, (3) open hack day
16:35:00 <agrabeli> what do you think?
16:35:21 <willscott> Is 2 days enough?
16:35:42 <willscott> If it's just to get on same page, probably
16:36:06 <agrabeli> willscott: hellais and sbs (who are sitting next to me) seem to think so. But regardless, we could also expand that to more days, if we decide to stay in berlin longer
16:36:21 <willscott> If there are technical things that are imagined to be accomplished at the event,that could take more time
16:36:37 <agrabeli> willscott: yeah, I think the main aim is to meet each other, get on the same page, and prioritize stuff on the roadmap together
16:36:50 <willscott> +1
16:38:10 <hellais> yes I also think that 2 days may not be enough
16:38:25 <sbs> +1
16:38:30 <hellais> but maybe we can promote the open hackday as being on the 3rd or 4th and extend our internal meeting to also the 2nd or 3rd
16:38:47 <agrabeli> hellais: sounds good
16:40:10 <sbs> yes, also
16:43:00 <anadahz> i guess 3 days are good for the internal meeting
16:44:58 <anadahz> any preferences on the internal meeting days venue?
16:45:27 <agrabeli> perhaps we could say that we have 4 days for internal meeting (including working together on technical things), and say that Friday, 4th November, is the open hack day?
16:46:07 <agrabeli> anadahz: If we do this in Berlin, then we could use the onionspace or c-base...we could also explore other options
16:51:50 <hellais> is there more to be discussed about this?
16:52:02 <hellais> do we have other items that we should bring up during this weeks meeting?
16:58:15 <anadahz> are the dates for the event final?
16:58:50 <hellais> no the dates are not final
16:59:10 <hellais> we should also wait for darkk to come back from vacations to check his availability too
16:59:21 <hellais> but they are good tentative dates I think
16:59:26 <hellais> unless somebody here has objections
17:01:15 <hellais> I think we are at this point at the end of our time limit so maybe we can close this here
17:02:39 <anadahz> Thanks everyone for attending.
17:05:09 <hellais> indeed
17:05:12 <hellais> #endmeeting