16:02:01 <anadahz> #startmeeting
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16:02:28 <anadahz> Hello everyone
16:03:08 <anadahz> Who's around?
16:03:08 <darkk> Welcome back to old-school OONI IRC meeting connecting people from all over the world!
16:03:56 <hellais> heyo
16:04:08 <agrabeli> hello
16:04:10 <hellais> so what is our agenda for today?
16:07:18 <hellais> <audio src=crickets.wav>
16:07:22 <darkk> /dev/null as a source of agendas
16:07:35 <hellais> ok I guess I will make an announcement
16:07:59 <hellais> I have started to dump the session notes I collected during the gathering in berlin
16:08:02 <hellais> https://github.com/OpenObservatory/gatherings/tree/master/internal/2016-11-berlin
16:08:08 <hellais> if you have some notes please upload them there
16:08:41 <hellais> also when trying to transcribe the ooni explorer user stories I may have failed to parse some handwriting, so please check those out as well to see if I got something wrong
16:08:58 <hellais> (there is one of the cards that I could actually not parse at all and I added XXX next to it)
16:09:01 <hellais> EOF
16:11:04 <agrabeli> hellais: thanks
16:11:06 * darkk also digitizes his highlights at the moment
16:11:33 <anadahz> Are we going to submit any talk/session for IFF or Rigthson
16:11:40 * landers here
16:11:45 <agrabeli> I should probably add that having these session notes uploaded is also useful so that we can link to them in the hackathon post
16:12:11 <hellais> anadahz: yes, I think agrabeli was coordinating to submit one to Rightscon and I got an email requesting I do one at IFF.
16:12:36 <agrabeli> anadahz: we're submitting a joint proposal with Sinar Project to do a workshop at RightsCon
16:13:33 <agrabeli> but I think it would also be useful to submit other applications to RightsCon too to present/discuss OONI mobile, and perhaps to also hold a skill share there on how to run ooniprobe etc.
16:14:08 <agrabeli> but I guess we can coordinate further on conference applications via internal channels
16:15:20 <agrabeli> since we don't have any concrete agenda items this week, is there anything that someone would like to discuss as part of their work this week?
16:15:45 <anadahz> OK in any case it's good to announce this early as people would like to know if OONI people are around any of these events.
16:16:25 <agrabeli> anadahz: yep, the OONI team will be applying to both IFF and RightsCon, but whether we will be going and who will be going depends on whether our applications get accepted or not.
16:19:10 <agrabeli> regarding OONI's participation (stall) at 33c3 (as discussed last week): it seems that most of us don't have tickets, right?
16:19:59 <agrabeli> so is it safe to assume that we're cancelling the idea of an OONI stall at 33c3?
16:20:45 <darkk> I've heard of sort of working lifehack to get CCC ticket
16:21:01 <hellais> darkk: what is lifehack?
16:21:57 <darkk> Writing a letter to CCC & describing community value of the project got some tickets slots to people I met bypassing usual ticket sell round.
16:22:33 <hellais> ah yeah that is always a possibility, but it has gotten increasingly difficult every year
16:22:49 <hellais> I guess the question is, who really wants to go to CCC and doesn't have a ticket
16:23:15 <hellais> from what I can tell it seems like most people are also on the meh side of the spectrum so we have invested little to no effort in seeking tickets
16:23:17 <darkk> I've heard words like that from sbs, anadahz and landers.
16:23:20 <hellais> but maybe I am wrong
16:26:55 <agrabeli> hosting a stall at ccc would require a fair amount of logistics and ensuring that enough OONI members have tickets so that we can arrange shifts. Given that we have none of these things, perhaps it makes sense to drop this idea, and reconsider it again next year.
16:27:13 <anadahz> To be honest I'm not really that much excited with hosting a stall at 33c3.
16:27:16 <hellais> agrabeli: agreed.
16:27:47 <hellais> OK, so do we have anything else to discuss?
16:29:26 <agrabeli> Nothing from my side. If we have nothing else to discuss, perhaps we can end the meeting early this week and get back to work? :) #lotsofdeadlines
16:30:52 <hellais> sounds good
16:30:55 <hellais> #endmeeting
16:30:59 <darkk> anadahz is the chair ;)
16:31:23 <hellais> hah
16:31:34 <hellais> anadahz: ping?
16:31:39 <anadahz> #endmeeting