18:03:39 <flexlibris> #startmeeting
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18:03:47 <flexlibris> anyone with a status update wanna get us started?
18:04:05 <Phoul> I can go, I wrote mine while waiting again so excuse line breaks.
18:04:13 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
18:04:19 <Phoul> Finally not sick, woo! I fixed up a number of headings on the support wiki, answered translator emails, had a meeting with the coordinator of the Montreal speaker session, answered translators on Mattermost, connected a translator in India with Jon for swag to pass out at conferences, and started reviewing the GSoC application process for 2018. I have also been working on planning the relay operators
18:04:25 <Phoul> meetup, and my sessions for Montreal. A few hours ago I put out the September Transifex report, and have been working on getting a new resource added to Transifex for Stephanie. Over the next couple days I'm going to spend time clearing out the RT queue again, and getting ready for Montreal.
18:04:44 <flexlibris> that's a lot of stuff!
18:05:09 <Samdney> wow! o.o
18:05:19 <flexlibris> Phoul: and you have a lot on the schedule for Montreal too :)
18:05:32 <flexlibris> so please let me know if you need anything for any of those sessions
18:05:39 <Phoul> Of course :)
18:06:36 <flexlibris> any comments or questions for Phoul?
18:07:03 <flexlibris> looks like no
18:07:10 <flexlibris> next status update?
18:07:50 <flexlibris> okay it can be me :)
18:08:07 <flexlibris> Outreachy applications have started to roll in. Tommy, Steph and I are reviewing.
18:08:50 <flexlibris> I'm getting a lot of things ready for my IMLS grant/intensive privacy training program for librarians
18:09:00 <flexlibris> including reaching out to people who might want to be guest lecturers
18:09:23 <flexlibris> I'll be asking a few Tor people to be involved in that :)
18:09:47 <flexlibris> I'm also helping out with the end-of-year fundraising campaign sketching
18:09:54 <flexlibris> and other than that, it's all Montreal planning
18:10:14 <flexlibris> I'm excited about how much stuff the community team has on the schedule -- global south updates, support work, code of conduct, etc
18:10:47 <Phoul> Montreal should be productive for community stuff, am excited :)
18:10:51 <flexlibris> don't forget that we have a team meeting in Montreal on the 11th
18:11:08 <flexlibris> and before I go to Montreal, I'm speaking in Dayton, Ohio, to some librarians (of course)
18:11:10 <flexlibris> that's it for me
18:12:12 <flexlibris> ..........
18:12:19 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update? this might be a short meeting
18:13:04 <flexlibris> I'll throw in some more Montreal stuff then...
18:13:26 <flexlibris> I'll send an email out to the tor-meeting list soon with the draft of the week's schedule
18:13:43 <flexlibris> it's subject to change of course, but having a weekly schedule in advance is something new for this meeting!
18:13:51 <flexlibris> so I hope people find it useful
18:14:23 <kat5> I think it will be useful.
18:14:39 <Phoul> +1 :)
18:14:46 <flexlibris> there is still time to add more sessions to any part of the meeting, but especially the open hacking days. that schedule is here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2017Montreal/OpenDays
18:14:56 <flexlibris> kat5: I had to push for it to happen ;)
18:15:11 <kat5> Thank you!
18:15:21 <Samdney> Have a great time in Montreal! ;)
18:15:54 <flexlibris> anything else folks?
18:16:53 <flexlibris> okay I'm gonna call this meeting then. see some of you next week!
18:16:56 <flexlibris> #endmeeting